I am not seeing any engagement in followers

Hi have create autofollwoing and i reached 1000 follows till now i got only one person follwing me. I what way i can increase the followers

Does your profile look good/interesting? Have you created enough boards, 5-10? Populated them with the content?
What about your niche, is it popular on Pinterest? What sources do you use for following?

No still now i haven’t create any board. I jam ust doing like, comment and follow action. And no one followed me

Will i create 25 niche based board and pin 25 each on each board. Will it improve my engagement.

Nobody will follow back empty profile. It’s screaming “SPAMMER” all over the place.

Add nice profile pic, ordinary woman, 30-40 years old, add bio, you can use some quotes from the net. Create 10 boards and pin at least 5 pins on each of them.