I analyzed 10,000+ TikTok acccounts for engagement rates

Hey there again to everyone,

Getting back to you with some more updates after the release of CloutMeter on Mpsocial.

In late December, I ran a scan over all the TikTok profile accounts which were analyzed on CloutMeter (About 10 thousand of them) and here is what I basically found out:

If you want to read more details on this matter, I wrote an article on the CloutMeter Blog

Right now there are almost 20K tiktok profiles that we are tracking with CloutMeter.

Let me know if you’d like an updated post after we reach 20-25K thousand profiles tracked or if you want other interesting stats.




Thanx for the info, yes I am interested for more data.

It seems that the big drop happens at >100.000 and That the average ER for all accounts >500K is 5.7, remains about the same.


Very good info, loved the infographic style as well. Thank you!

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