We've analyzed 770K+ TikTok Videos and 27,5K+ Profiles

Cheers to everyone,

Getting back to you people with a new TikTok analytics report for February as I did some time ago ( “I analyzed 10,000+ TikTok accounts” )

This time I ran a report based on 27,700+ TikTok profiles and 770,000+ TikTok videos that we are currently having on CloutMeter

If you wish to read the whole report more in-depth, you can do that here: https://cloutmeter.com/blog/tiktok-analytics-february-2020-report/

Let me know what you think and what stats would you want to see next!


Pretty cool stats

I just posted the statistics, I don’t know how did you read them in under 1 minute haha.

Mate, i am on Cloutmeter for sometime

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Stats on the top viewed hashtags and hashtags with the most participation would be cool

From a birds eye view, it looks like TikTok is boosting new users content and it also looks like fake engagement to me. Why would percentages fall off a cliff after you go over 50K followers?


Its normal to see this, its same thing with insta, the more followers you have the lower your % will be.

Not true for IG, depends on content. I’d bet if you tracked 27K IG profiles you would see a gradual decline as some big accounts still have crazy engagement. The above graph is pretty obvious TikTok has fake engagement.