I Bought Access to Group Boards - Here you go


I bought access to about 20 group boards on Fiverr, all health related, high amount of followers and decent amount of people in each.

If you have any group boards you want to exchange with me, let me know!


Hey man, how many collaborators are in those groups?
Are you seeing any traffic already from those?

Do you have anything concrete on your mind regarding the new groups you are looking to join in?



I am in over 30 groups now so I can’t pin point amount of collaborators and all. I am getting more and more clicks day from posting to them. The accounts I am looking for are decor accounts, homes, health and food recipes


How many clicks?
10 more per day or 1000 more per day?

I will take time and go through some groups and see what I can do for an exchange.


look at it to scale, My site has been live for 8 days. I went from 10 clicks a day to 50 clicks today using these boards. They aren’t bad boards, ofc some are saturated, you get the right time, right person repin it - you are set.

So, ya they work


How did you sift through the BS sellers on Fiverr? Was it his pictures or did he have reference or what?


Honestly, it was the grunt work. I looked at 7 ish fiverr gigs, got them to send me their boards and I pick and choose the best of the best. IMO these were the best ones. The seller had tons of boards, and they are working for me. And now with this thread I was able to join about 25 new group boards that are helping my performance even more


Can anyone invite me in some food group boards?


Use Pin Groupie to find relevant boards to join. No charge.



I have home decor, art, design, photography group boards with usually 10000+ followers. I’m giving away one invite for 3 Pinterest shares.
I’ve made a little website to manage group board invites:
Please keep the board rules:

  • Only relevant pins, as nobody will click on unrevelant pins, and they will be deleted soon.
  • Maximum 5 pins per day per board.


Hi there i work with Weight Loss Niche can you invite me please https://www.pinterest.co.uk/kellys1047/