I can't acces bought account

I recently bought Instagram account. After 2 weeks out of nowhere I need verification from some Indian phone number. Maybe I didn’t change phone number I don’t remember. But account owner reselled account and asked previous owner - he doesn’t know this number. I have OG email, password.

Mail doesn’t show any changes were made so I guess I just forgot to change it and it wasn’t hacked. Or could it be because I was connected to public wifi? The only way to access account is to write to support? Am I risking to get banned for buying accounts?


request chnage password, if you dont receive an email from instagram that’s mean you got scammed the email you have is not the OG

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I have password. Tried requesting to change password but it still asks me for phone verification.

EDIT: It has mails when account was first registered.

then ask the one sold you the account to give the code you sent to phone number !

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He bought from other person and that person doesn’t know that number. I think the only way is support but what do I type to them to not get banned?

What’s you think about this thread I am struggling to sell my account?
Is it possible without OG email and mobile number someone reset instagram password or edit OG email.