I don't understand pinterest

so what’s the purpose of repin? how to gain more pinterest followers other than joining group boards, they are hard to get in and if you spam they kick you out. Right now I am just following followers of different boards.

Not sure if I just have something with you or if all your posts are low quality or asking for something every single time.

Anyways, I also don’t get Pinterest. Hopefully you will figure out yourself and share with the rest of the community.

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Pinterest used to work for me a few months ago, I followed followers of certain boards in my niches and repinned pins to my own boards. Got about 1000 followers a month, and some traffic.

They made some serious changes though. Same tactics now yield a handful of followers a day (if I’m lucky, it’s usually negative), and almost 0 traffic.

My conclusion now is: Pinterest sucks, I don’t sweat over it anymore. Focusing on IG/Twitter/FB

Good, the more people go the better it is for me :slight_smile:

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What do you currently do that works for you? Is there still a way to automate it?

I run legit pinterest accounts that get their pins repinned through a network of fake pinterest accounts, i do boards, i create boards and i do outreach, get to know the players in my niches


What kind of content in your opinion currently works best on pinterest? Do you manage your fake accounts with followliker?

The best content is fashion, crafts/home decor and recipes/health/fitness, you have to make great looking images, but don’t give everything away in the image, give them a taste and then let the visitor click for the rest, if you give all your eggs away in a infographic why would someone click right?

I use Canva to make my pins, then i sent the visitor to my site with a PLR article in my niche, and then i sell them shit i dropship or have them clicking on adsense and when they leave i prompt them to fill out their email for 10% discount at my store.

That is how i do it and i still use MP for now, but i am looking at other softwares like pinbot as MP is not really pinterest friendly if you run more then 10/20 accounts.

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hey can you explain what repin is? what’s the strategy behind a repin? I don’t understand why people repin while they just can make their own post (pin). Also why create multiple boards? Isn’t one enough ?

These questions are so basic that i’m going to direct you to this

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Hi DaveNL

I’ve just started Pinterest, and I spent the past few days asking and buying my way into about 180 group boards on Pinterest, but I realize now that posting 2 images a day on these won’t produce lots of repins and therefore traffic to my shop…
I had imagined that I might get an average repin rate of 10 per each board, which now seems very naive…
Is 10 repins per pin what you would get only on a great group board?
The idea of getting 2000 daily targeted viewers from Pinterest seems totally unattainable now.
I honestly think that my pins are nice so I don’t think they’re the no1 problem here.

What can I do now? Just try to find better quality group boards?
Are fake accounts and botting the only way to succeed?

Thanks for your help

pinterest is not working out for me. I am following people on my niche, I am repining pins using multiple account to the main account. The comment module kinda sucks, because every time it just comments on the same pinterest post. The more comment a post has the higher it rank on pinterest keyword search, so pretty much I waste my comment to help other rank their post. There’s also no other way of making a post and directly reaching your targeted audience, it’s only the follower of your own acc that sees the content and no one else.
So the main question to pinterest marketers, what’s your ultimate goal on the pinterest platform and how are you achieving those goals?

i use it for ig, but seems i am not at it.

i think i can help you. Contact to me !

Could you please explain what is MP?

MP was the social media marketing software that got shut down couple of years ago. This is old thread.