I found the reason for the 7 days block

the only reason I noticed and proven is that you do unfollow not from the same device you did follow for the same person you try to unfollow.
it will first trigger AC then 7 days. no matter automation or manual.

Yes Sir, bravo :clap:
Can confirm that, there is new algo that won’t allow f/unf on the same days, still I have many accounts doing both but they will get hit soon too I suppose.

As for the same device, it may not matter, I have fully manual accounts that are doing actions on just one dedicated device/ account and still f/unf results in AB or AC (old accounts)

I have not noticed any new block waves and I do not get any 7 days blocks for months.
What are you even talking about?
Seems to me you are searching in the wrong direction

How many profiles do you run?
One or more?

I feel pretty nice BullShit here

More than thirty

Hard blocks should not be issue honestly - they happens but really rarely, same as AC. But Actions Block/Temporary happens

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If you mean Error 508 in JV than yes, it happens. But again it can be fixed just bu re-login on the account, at least with EB.
But this is still not hard 7 days block

Do you follow unfollow 199 both per day?

Somewhat about that number, yes. The day has just started here in Russia, so lets see how it goes. But there is no even any big new thread about this new 7 day block wave you talking about. But I do read on downdetector there were problems at night, well it was night in Russia

I have 300 accounts none of them have 7 days block. I do have some that I moved from one automation to another from JV to manuall and from manuall to jv, and tried to manually remove JV followed accounts and got compromised after reset to password you will do 3 unfollow and boom 7 days.

After resetting the password and loggin in, I do not do any actions for at leas 12-24 hours. If not, I also will have hard block for 3-7 days most likely

this is an impossible procedure coming from IG or any SOCIAL NETWORK. What could happen if you loose your phone, and you start using a new phone? It is not make any sence.

But you are right on the steps of IG applies. First you will get soft blocks (“action blocked tryg to protect our comunity rules”), then you will get a hard block (3 days normally), you will not be allowed to do likes, follows, un follows, commets, only like comments, and up load cntent on the feed (with not caption) or story uploads; if you account does not cool donw then you will get an AC, you will have to change password and some times rigth after that you will get blocked account for 7 to 15 days. warning of your account was open from a diferent location or not a normal decive, it is just a security procedure.


Any solution to these 24 hour blocks ?

@scking The more i read your stuff, the more i find them useless and wrong in terms of informations.

Do you really believe what you say ?

Then all my accounts should have been AC and blocked for 7 days. And i don’t remember having any of these recently…

Shit is going down :hatched_chick:

wait until get unblocked, then start slowly

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Slowly. I got unblocked today made only two likes then got blocked again

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did you make the likes with the app, browser, or api call?

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Has anyone tried automatic follow/unfollow. Perhaps the running both tools at the same time is causing issues?

please tell that to others who only have one phone, follows a few hundred then unfollows and still gets them

I made them with the app

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