I get banned all time


last 3 days i was using that technique in fb groups got like 20clicks by communicating and posting stuff :smiley: but it was about getting people to sales funnel to a high ticket course so 20 clicks - not that bad. Ofc promoting cpa offers might not be worthwhile on the other hand it should be doable and since there’s very low risk to get banned doing that maybe even profitable.


Guys, there is no need to check your links in post and than get post banned and your account blocked.

You can first go to Facebook’s content checker and do the check there. If FB tells you that it doesn’t like the link, don’t post it or use cloaker etc. Here is the link to FB’s content checker:



I can help you. You are crying about nothing. That’s NORMAL behavior of an account that had no activity for a long time and than it was suddenly activated.

When I re-activate an old account that I just purchased I have at least 2 FB blocks like that every day for each 10 accounts. I just post them photos or confirmation codes and continue working with other 8 accounts.

Don’t post to groups for 2-3 weeks and keep on doing non-commercial activities, like Adnan described.


Well, I am not sure that fb will tell you if is something wrong with your content or with your image if you use that link, so you won’t get banned.

That link is used so you can make sure that fb will scrape your data and it will be posted correctly.


what is skyisthelimit?




Someone with overprized FB accounts that doesn’t replace them if you don’t use his recommended proxy service wich of course he is not affilated too


you are Right


where are you guys?
facebook is still banning accounts for join group or posting over 5 times a day


Man, don’t dig up topics from 2 years ago.
How much do you care about the answers to get to the level quickly?



I think you are on your way to getting permanently banned.

Edit: From here. Not on Facebook.