I get banned all time

If I post a link in a group I will get “blocked” and I have to verify my account with a mobile number. This is not a problem too, because I have much.

If I verify with my mobile number and post a link in a group I get block again and I have to upload a photo from me.

Do you know what I do wrong? I did it already with a VPN.

Around 1 week before it works perfect without a mobile number (=mobile number after 1-2 days after “spamming” in group or a direct bann)

I tried the trick editing post like here: http://bit.ly/2orQpq9 but still the same…

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Facebook probably doesn’t like your links(domain). Have you tried different link, any link, just to see is it going to happen again?

Another thing, if all you do with those accounts is posting on groups, that could be a problem. Try making your accounts look real as possible.

Post pics on your walls, text statuses, 2 - 3x per day.

Get some friends, 20 - 30 of them, like couple of pages and turn on account actions tool - the tool will go through your newsfeed and like posts randomly, accept friends - simply, it will make accounts look natural.



about the links:
I used goo.gl and change links every time. This worked around 1-2 days with an account with no verify…
I tried to shared a posting from a facebook page (with a direct link), ban…

Today I tried this:
Make a post on my wall without links. Get the permalink of it and post on a group = ban (-> verify account with mobile number).

Really weird…

@Rotary How old is your Facebook account? How many friends do you have?

Here is another option if you have a budget: Try skyisthelimit accounts they are GOLD. You won’t run into problems like this. I have purchased hundreds accounts from him with no problems. Make sure you use good proxie he might help you out with that as well.

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Just a few days… But it worked 1 week ago with some old days account too… So do you think its the age of the accounts? They have 0 friends, only a profile picture.

@SwagWaffle what is the link?


I have been using the 5-6 year old accounts. I have not tried any other accounts from him but they are really good.

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Do you post links in groups?
Do you use a cloaker or a pre-lander or just use the links themselves?

I can’t give you a great answer for the groups as I don’t have that much experience yet.

My experience: I used to post in groups with my main domain link then after finding out FB can ban your link I decided To be safe I started to use my other domain name that has hosting using pretty links plugin on top of it & landing pages with different domain names from getresponse which then redirect to my main domain. I mostly do messaging but I might start doing groups again soon.

If I just google shorten my landing page the page gets banned the next day.

So my funnel on FB is my 2nd domain name using pretty links + landing page from GetResponse + my main .com domain. Never had problem.


If i buy aged accounts from him, do I get banned again if i post?
Can I take a free domain? I dont know if the link is banned…
Good.gl links will not work if my Main domain is Banned?


That variable is always yes and/or no. There is no guarantee.

Its easy to know if link is banned. Just use your own account to share the link.

Googl is just a shortener. Shortener raises flags.

Your main issue. Never use a VPN.

But I dont want that my main account get banned…

I didnt use everytime VPN, just random

Your main account which is the account you use personally wont be a problem at all.

At least 90% succes rate. I always use my own account to check for link bans and never faced any issue. Granted i have this account for 10 years.

And no. You cannot use VPN. Not even once.

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Accounts which are new with not much activity are the weakest accounts to have and are the first ones FB looks at to ban. You need lots of activity and to interact with some friends. You need to spend time warming up the accounts (14 days at least is what I do) before posting any links anywhere on FB.

Aged accounts with activity are stronger and are less likely to get disabled and can post more but they still need friends and activity.I have some 7 year old ones and they can post more than my new ones.

Link shortener’s dont protect you at all. FB can still read where your link leads to. If they see CPA offers of porn etc at the end link then the link wont last long… and the account. You need to look at cloaking.

Sellers dont have accounts that have more protection from FB. The only thing that makes an account better is activity and to not have posted anything before that FB didnt like. Aged accounts from any seller that follow those rules are worth buying. Don’t be tricked in to thinking some sellers have some secret tricks to make their accounts bullet proof. FB will eventually ban any account that keeps spamming.


Send ur link if u get a message ,“this message is blocked” then the link is banned.

I never used free domain. Both my domains have some age to them already.

I can’t promise you anything All i can tell u is i done lots of business with the guy and my accounts spam heavy on the first day with no problems. No warm up required. No pva/text verification.

never mind, there should be a delete button

I use a .com domain. The guy with the aged accounts dont reply to my mail… Anyone else who sell aged accounts?

Well that’s your issue, you are trying to use new accounts with no activity at all to post, here’s a thread explaining how you can warm up your Facebook accounts a little bit: How To Warmup Newly Created Facebook Accounts

Just changing the google shortlinks wont work because facebook follows links so you gotta switch the last domain that th eshortlink links to if you get what im saying.

Thanks for your answers.

Today I tried it:

  • Buying aged account (year 2010 - 2011) from SkyIsTheLimit
  • I bought a private proxy
  • Setting up proxy in massplaner and tested if it works (yes everything worked)
  • Logged in with the aged account and joined for testing 1 group.
  • After posting a link (it was www.google.at!!!) i get instantly blocked.

–> I have to upload a photo now to verify my account. Ok, if I do this and I get unblocked I would try again to post a link and I know that I will get banned again!! (because I had the same issues with a new account, but without proxy!)

Anyone can help me?