I have 50$ to spend per month on my IG marketing for my music. Where should I spend it for the best results and automated?

Hi guys.This site is awesome, Its my first post.
I’m trying to figure out, the instagram game but its very time consuming and take me away from my real passion, music. I think the F/U method doesn’t work anymore. (I used to get 150+ followers everyday back in the days versus 10 now)
I have roughly 50$ a month I want to allocate to IG, what should I do?

Should I create 5 slaves accounts link them to my main page?
Or Hire a IG marketer (what I’d rather do) but dont know who to trust and dont want them to use obvious F/U, likes and comments methods…
Is anyone could do a good job for 50$ for a real active following, and engagement.
Should I invest in Powerlikes? (Fuelgram)
Engagement groups? (It looks very time consuming)

Anyway, as you see I’m kinda lost. I have a 14k account with good content and I’m sure I can go way higher than that. What should I do?


Based on the content of your post - highly recommend staying far away from setting up 5 accounts. With a $50 budget I think you just just run F/UF yourself

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Ok cool.
What about using power likes providers? also I know I can automate engagement groups is it legit?

Yeah, if you’re up for doing it yourself then just do follow/unfollow on the main account. All you’ll need to pay for is a decent proxy (like a 4G proxy - unless you run it on your home PC on residential IP, then you probably don’t need a proxy), and you’d have to pay for the software. Jarvee would be the best option if you wanted to try monthly, or otherwise if you want something real simplified then you can get ones for outright fees.

@thekingwillwhip makes a good point about staying away from mother child (or fan page method) fow now if your level of experience is low (presuming that’s the reason you’re saying that). That said, in the future if you get confident with all of the automation and proxies, and if the fanpage strategy still works then, then that would be the next strategy to try.


In my writing account I do F/U and Like. I spend only the cost of some tool (I use my personal pc without proxy for my account) and I grow up to 100 followers per day. It’s ok for now.
To get more money to invest I’m starting to manage other accounts with of people who want to grow up, for 70/100eur per person per month. So in a few month I will have more experience and more budget to invest in my profile.
Maybe it can help you

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If you want to save your time and make the most out of the budget available, I’d suggest you to invest in powerlikes (such as Fuelgram you’ve mentioned, I’ve used it also and it gets you likes and comments from real profiles).

In your experience does Fuelgram work well? I heard it’s not very good but I’ve never tried it.

It’s a great service. I’ve also seen some bad reviews, and really can’t figure out why is that… There are numerous similar services, maybe the negative comments come from competition, who knows.

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How do you get to 100s per day? I used to be a these numbers but its seems ppl dont follow me back anymore, I dont even get 10 follow per day when following 600+ ppl.
Is there a spot in this forum where I can find a step by step strategy that works?

Step one is always content. But after that, you need to optimise your follow sources. It’s possible you’re following followers from accounts that aren’t engaging or have fake bought accounts or just interested in your topic enough. How did you find your sources?

It’s the hardest thing for me find a good niche. I make pop music and I’m not sure if I should follow huge account (bruno mars, the weeknd) or smaller amounts .
I have trouble finding the niche that was performing so well before. How can I find the best niche accounts and how many actions should I do per day to stay under the radars…
Also should I follow until 7500 and then unfollow or …
I’m getting scared of a ban honestly. That’s the reason I wanted slaves accounts

What proxy are you using? Use a 4G or good residential for safety. (Or if just on your personal PC through home residential IP then ignore that)

I have no experience with this niche, but based on what I would imagine… I would say focus on smaller accounts, so to speak, or just not ones like all the big celebrities that are likely to have had lots of fake bought followers or not highly passionate people into that niche. I do a totally different niche, but my experience in that is that the higher followbacks more consistently come from “niche” accounts as opposed to “public figure” accounts (in your case it would be music niche vs actual band accounts). Also, in my niche the “public figure” accounts don’t tend to have bought fake followers, whereas your target accounts do, they buy heaps of fake followers, so depending on how well you’ve filtered your follow settings in whatever tool you are using then there’s a possibility you’ve been following heaps of fake followers. Or otherwise, they may just be people who “kind-of-like” the big named artists but aren’t passionate enough to follow any random local band that tries to get their attention.

If I were you I’d think about what sort of niche you’re in and what sort of interests that crosses over into. E.g. hip hop has a whole culture around it, pop can too but probably varies largely, etc. There may be some sources based on the actual niches to target. But I would actually just find a lot of smaller acts, particularly beginning with the artists in your location (city and country, and ones that are internationally touring but not just massive celebrities) and try to target your followers. Since they may be more engaged with going to the local concerts of these artists that they like, they may see that you are also in that city and of that genre, etc. so they’ll probably take a better look into you. And you’re likely to have less fake accounts. I imagine you are aware of a lot of the local artists or ones that are touring a bit more internationally without being too massive, right? That’s what I would do, or at least experiment with :slight_smile:

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Awesome Thank you !!!
Would you know a thread on this site to find the best safest settings for 2019 ?
What about engagement groups is it worthy to spend time on that?
Sorry for all these questions and thank you for being so helpful!!!

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I know of the safe settings for right now (based on what everyone else and myself are doing). For starters, how long have you been doing follow/unfollow on the account? What was your warmup on it? And what’s your current max?

I don’t really know much about manual engagement groups. People have opinions for and against. People have demonstrated too how using their own big accounts (or could use other people’s) to like and comment has raised engagement due to more initial exposure, so if that’s the case then that’s a good thing. Whether or not you want to manually spend the time is up to you. If you do it, maybe do it with other artists that you actually do kind of care about, otherwise it’s a bit fake and superficial, but that’s up to you.

I created the account in 2012 lol
I’m doing presently around 700 follow a day and 350 likes
and unfollow 700 per day at 3000 mark.
I know I used to do way more and it was working well… Also I remember back in the day I was opening my page from another device clicked the blue arrow and was targeting the ppl there (more of my niche) and it was working great, I had at least 100 followers a day.
But this technique dont seems to work anymore and I cant find decent sources

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For my accounts the sources that have 10k to 50k followers work better; I also filter the people I will go to follow based on their followings (no more than 2,000).
You can try this :blush:


Sounds like you’re well warmed up then, so should be no issues there. If you’re doing only follows or unfollows per day then 700 isn’t heaps at all, because you have to do something like 4 days follows and 3 days off for unfollows, so across the week it would average out to less per day when comparing to an account that follows and unfollows both in each day. I follow and unfollow each day and that works fine, and I think lots of others do. But the advice is generally to do them at separate times as opposed to following and unfollowing simultaneously at the same time; for example, follow from 5am-5pm then unfollow from 5:30pm-2am. (Whatever hours you want of course.)

As far as safe settings, if the “safe” amount is 60 per hour, multiplied by 24 hours per day, then theoretically you can do 1440 follow or unfollow actions within the day. And I think some people do have no worries doing like 1000 follows per day in addition to unfollowing on the same day, which would exceed 1440 you’d imagine. Personally, when everything’s running fine the accounts do up to around 700 per day (and then unfollows as well). So if I were you I would instead of trying to do more follows per day, just try to do both follow and unfollow on the same day and that way you can do follows every day and that way it averages out to more follows over the week, if that makes sense.

I’m not too sure what technique you’re referring to, but yeah. On the whole, I’d be very surprised if there are not sources available to help you grow. You are in the pop music niche - that’s a massive mainstream niche. There’s bound to be accounts to target to help you grow your account, presuming your content is interesting. Have you tried what I suggested above about exploring for other smaller sized artists that look like they have real engaged followers, and particularly local or related artists? You should at least give that a crack until some better targeting suggestions come along. You’ll need to spend some time researching the accounts.

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So if I understand correctly you do 700 Follow and 700 Unfollow a day (after doing warm-up).
Do you also like in the meantime?

Thank you! :blush:

Yeah, I guess like 500-700 follows get successfully done per day, and I’d say that many unfollows would get done too, at least enough to keep it without looking like the account has thousands of followings (but sometimes it happens so I fix it). Unfollows tend to be more leniant with the number of actions per hour, so you can get away with more than 60 unfollows per hour. That said, if you are doing it on your main account it’s worth judging if that’s worth the risk.

I use lower quality budget proxies and they can’t get away with heaps of likes (which is pretty typical with proxies), so I don’t bother with likes on those accounts. But some accounts that are on better proxies I might have them do liking a post after they follow the person, to help get seen better by the person. So in theory you can like at the same time that if that’s what you’re wondering, it’s good. You can either like the account’s post after follow to help increase followback rate, or you could have them like unique accounts to try to attract more accounts - up to you.

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Thanks man, I do almost the same :sunglasses: