I have a question about LPM(luminati.io)

My home has 2 computers.

Computer 1: Run Luminati Proxy Manager
It uses normal proxies.(
Computer 1: Not run Luminati Proxy Manager
Because I want to use the same proxy
it can’t use proxies.(

I cannot use Proxies via computers No.2.
But the proxy works only on machines that run programs.

In website
Not enough details about
I can not do it
I am not good at English
help me please

Can I access Luminati Proxy Manager from multiple machines?

Yes. The Proxy manager can be installed on your machine and be accessible from outside to send requests and to make adjustments to the Proxy configurations.
Note that you will need to take the following security steps to make sure the Proxy Manager is allowed to be used only by trusted sources.
In addition, you might need to allow access on your server’s firewall in order to accept connections from different ports that are configured on the Proxy Manager.
See below instructions how to allow ports on your machine:

How to use IPv4 format with Luminati proxies?

Because Luminati’s IP addresses are constantly changing or rotating, there is no list of IPs in IPv4 format like there might be when using data-center IPs. To ensure that the IPs are in the correct form, make sure to change your proxy settings to the corresponding port number of the IP address you want. Your device’s IP address will now be in IPv4 format.

Please contact them. is localhost, means when you use their proxy manager then every request you make on is rout thorugh their software and then that software will use specific zone proxy like or anything like that.

Their proxy manager is useful because you don’t need to remember their proxy:port:username:password details in real form. Please contact them, only they can guide you from here.