I have an account with 143k followers but don't know how to monetize?

Hello guys! I have an account with 143k followers but I don’t know how to monetize! I tried apps download but I don’t get many downloading!

Please any suggestions?

Depends on your niche, engagement and other factors.

Here is my engagement! Niche tiktok videos like society feelings

As @blue_lime said, depends on followers and engagement too. Your niche is a little bit hard to monetize by selling a product.

I’d contact other IG accounts in your niche with fewer followers and offer shoutouts.

Yeah the niche makes it a little hard but you could try to do some promotions or shoutouts.
let people know that they can DM you for a shoutout (in your bio) and then let them know the prices once they DM you

Yes, it’s difficult to monetize this niche.

Try other CPA offers if apps download doesn’t work well on your account. I’d suggest you check out this thread, there’s a lot of good information there. Maybe you would get a new idea on how to monetize your page better:


Okay bro! I will check out this! Thank you

I would go for shoutouts, especially for TikTok users, 143k is pretty good and you should make good money with that.

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I don’t really want to put links on my bio! That’s bad for account.
How can I find people who want shout-out?