[I HAVE THE ANSWER!] What's The Next BIG THING After IG Botting?


Hello all,

i was over at another forum doing a random browse when this topic arose. Naturally, I love staying on top of new trends to see where I can capitalize. As I read through some very intelligent replies for some networks like Tik-tok or Vero (with their own flaws to hop in right now) I hadn’t seen anyone sensible mention this yet. So I raised this exact reply to the next big thing after IG botting.

Prepare yourself for this one.

IG growing the old fashion way. Quality accounts win.

There’s no secret.

Fortunately before the block wave, I removed all accounts I cared for from Follow/Unfollow.
Two of these accounts grew by 40k each in less than 3 months.
One of those two will hit 50k in a few hours. I probably will stay up late to watch it cross for fun.
I restarted another one on a to increase engagement & is currently restoring its form just under 20k. It should hit within the next week or so.
Another one gained its first 1000 followers in 28 days with no automation beyond posting, absolutely zero follows, never touched the button.

Now I’m in the process of building more accounts & content to compound on this momentum.

These results I mention are not to impress but to impress upon the point: Content/Quality is King. We say this in many ways. What seems like old school is what’s necessary now. So here’s what I say as a spinoff:

Fundamentals are King.

  • Good Username
  • Good [Matching] Bio
  • Good Page Theme
  • Good Hashtags
  • Frequent Posting

We got fancy with M/S and similar advanced methods of Follow/Unfollow in part because spammers opened the way for this to happen. We should be grateful for them to show us advanced methods based on very simple fundamental techniques. But now these techniques are abused. And so are their foundations. Follow/Unfollow for the basic marketer or Client Manager is broken for the forseeable future. It will come back, maybe not in the same way, but we now have the gift of seeing who knows how to grow without it.

Clients who weren’t serious about IG drop off. They weren’t good clients to begin with expecting a method & a number will solve whatever thing they seek. (I had a few drop off, they didn’t post at all, & fortunately I have not received any complaints from them of my service. But I am looking at the honest Manager who may face a client or two that will blame it on you).

Client Managers who don’t know how to grow without the method will drop off as well. The method opened up revenue streams for many who are stepping online for the first time. But its a band aid for those who are looking to become serious. We use methods with the purpose of making them obsolete, so we don’t depend on them long term. Any newbies to the game should learn this now before the sandstorm settles.

While spammers have primarily brought this upon us, we all play this game knowing we can be burnt.
The best thing we can do is make use of methods/strategies until our results make them obsolete.

This is how you stay in the game.

Evolve back to the basics !

This is where we win. This is the next big thing.

A quality account opens the way for compounded growth. A mass account limits it.

Take your time, build a quality account, & let that account open the way to produce more, or expand your network.

[more of an extended rant than anything else, but you get the point. May we all prosper out of this IG dark age… Also is it worth calling it that? lol]


In my opinion, we will wait a long time for something to break through the IG.
Something would have to arise, which does not have an IG.
But the videos are already (snapchat)
Music is already (tik-tok)
Pictures are (IG)
Posts to friends or Events are (FB)
Movies are (yt)
etc …
You would need a new field that will revolutionize the SM market.
A new option that is not on any of these platforms.
TIK-TOK can be a future-proof tool.
But always instagram can also put it in, and the TIK-TOK will go unknowing, as it was with the snapchat.
People like to have everything in one place.
We will wait a long time for something new and more popular than IG etc …
Thank you very much for this post :slight_smile:


I kinda agree with this Arthuditu !

But, OP said one real thing. Content is still the king on IG !


Completely agree, content is always and has always been the most important aspect of most social media.

Though when people who post/create garbage with terrible looking accounts can still dominate, it makes one wonder what’s truly wrong with this world.


fire work tv is a new one I have been playing with, it pays their creators 3k/mo

only real criteria is
2k views of 6 seconds or more on 3 videos within a 30 day time line of the videos being posted

currently there is no automation tool for this so I have been using a action recorder on a jail broken iPhone to sorta manual sorta automated follows/unfollows on some accounts that I set up to repost target accounts content and get eyes on the videos

the target account has grown to 600 followers in a couple weeks and is consistently getting 2k+ views per video in addition with hashtags correct click bait title and thumbnail one of our videos hit 24l views


I can not agree more. Content is the King. Thank you OP for you brilliant share.


Wait so you only need 6K views total on 3 videos to make 3K per month? That sounds crazy.

So you’re basically making this money already after a couple of weeks of posting?


Great post OP. It’s a very white hat approach but it’s the way the IG algo is going as it get smarter. People are on social media primarily for entertainment. It’s the engaging content that cures their boredom for a bit and keeps them coming back so IG can sell more ads.

Just like the best TV shows get more viewers, the best IG content engages more users. All with the goal of increasing ad revenue.


This post is a bit disingenuous. I agree that technically content is king but the truth is that I know a lot of very good influencer with amazing content that are bleeding followers since last year. That’s the hard truth.


you need 2k views

on 3 videos (2k each per vid)

with all 2,000 of those views getting 6 seconds + watch time

pay out caps at 3k/mo

and yes im hitting 2k views on my first vid within a couple days ever since its been like clock work, hopefully soon i wont have to mass any longer and can just rely on the followers of the main accounts/organic reach (quality content)


Sounds great bro!
Easier to monetise than Youtube you think?


Idk about monetization never really jumped into youtube i stick to smma for local businesses (dental and stuff) and then ig growth

But a friend of mine has a partnership at firework and asked to help me increase his views and stuff

Fire work seems to have no limits other than 2000 total followings but you can just unfollow them and then follow a different 2000 people its pretty easy


It will be a long time before something thinks about breaking through IG.
It positioned itself day one to be where it is now: the epicenter of media.
Facebook saw this among other things and bought them out for good reason.

Hence since IG will remain, and remain CONSISTENTLY among the top, its best to plant a flag here (not necessarily the only one) and build for the long haul if this is a game we seek to prosper through.


Content & fundamentals always stands the test of time.


There’s no secret. And if someone wants to build a brand on IG, this will be very useful for them to understand. The mind of the viewer matters.

I’m not sure what point you were making with that response which reflects any value to the conversation. It’s as hard as you make it to be. If you have no faith in the fundamentals “technicalities” no method will save you from failure in relation to [Instagram] Marketing or any profession at that. THAT is the hard truth.

That’s interesting. Sounds like you found a hidden gem. But given that brief description, if word gets out, their business model of paying the creators will dig them an early grave. Not that you didn’t think of that of course. Good find & may you prosper with that. Nice creativity with the automating, something I may use for another project or two.

Which action recorder did you get? I also have a jailbroken iphone


I cant remember the name of it right now but i think Its called auto touch


I think another massive sm network/platform will come either with new devices/technology (aka instagram came with the rise of smartphones so the next big network will come with whatever we use after smartphones), OR the next one will rise with the next generation of users- aka people who may be too young to have a phone now.

I can tell Instagram is taking steps to avoid what happened with Facebook and young people- lots of young people stopped using Facebook because their parents all started using Facebook. (And yes I know Facebook owns Instagram!). I notice with the “close friends” option and “hide my story from” etc Instagram is trying to prevent that.

So I think either Instagram will just become uncool yet continue to exist among older folks or we will all jump platforms when we jump devices.


Perfect, I have that one, just wanted to confirm. Thanks!

In that case, we have to wait for VR. But then there comes the challenge of interacting with software/automation, etc. to create a viable market for influence. I don’t think, simply & candidly from my lack of investigation, that IG will be replaced by a VR based social network to the network effects IG surfaced through the marketplace.


Apparently I hit the right spot. :sunglasses: Relax man. First of all giving a different perspective adds value, but I understand that you are biased and you only want you hear your side of the “truth”.

I’m an influencer not some cheap reposter. I’m also a pro photographer so don’t talk shit about technicalities. I’m telling you that quality is not everything sadly in these days. I know from personal experience as well as because I worked with NatGeo photographer and other famous influencers. None of them are using any both right now and they are bleeding followers. At the same time I see a shit ton of repost and slave accounts with super high engagement. Their content sucks but they all bot and so they get a lot of followers and likes.


I think the spot was missed. Your call for relaxation should be taken before advised. If you are an influencer and you measure you’re success by a follower count, I think its time to sit and re-evaluate what you are seeking being an influencer.

Complaining about bleeding followers signals you care about that, nothing wrong in that. Nothing right either.

A follower count shouldn’t validate what you do. A platform shouldn’t validate what you do. If you care for something more than those things that is.

No one disputes its “not easy” for Influencers, content creators, or the likes. It’s not easy for anyone.

Techniques & technicalities triggering such a response means whatever you feel is misdirected.

I have no cares for personal opinions or biases. I merely present an observation as I did in the OP.

A personal problem is being projected in a space not requiring it. And I’ve given it more than enough attention.

Again, if there’s value to conversation you wish to add, I’m welcome to hearing it & responding appropriately.

If you wish to complain about how hard it is for you or how you don’t like what you see, start a thread so others can validate how you feel. Just be sure to remember what game you signed up to play… insert a famous quote about players & games

It’s all love. All relaxed, may you reflect those words.