I Just Made It To Level 2 :D!


Just wanted to brag about that lol XD
Well, i’m very pleased with this comunity, alot of High Level content.
Keep Working folks :slight_smile:


Congratulations :slight_smile:


Time to share what you know. :smiley: . Welcome to Level 2.


Time to face addiction :wink:

Welcome …


Congrats you registrered 4 days ago and now level 2?


Shakes your bloody hand Welcome!


Welcome bro. time to start sharing some dope content on that lvl 2 area!


Yes, Level 2. All MP users will get level 2.

User Levels Explained

Yes haha
Too dedicated to this forum :smile:


So how does one skip the 15 day requirement to get to level 2? :smirk: Congrats!


Read my reply :slight_smile:


You must have the MP user badge


@killerscript Welcome to level 2! Maybe we need a “Welcome to level 2” thread now…

Anyhow, welcome, you can find just about anything you need through the search function. Try keywords first.

[SOLVED]+your keyword can help you find solutions, or just keywords depending on the subject.

If you genuinely cannot find the answer, just ask in the appropriate thread/area, and generally speaking we are all here to help one another!


Too much pro haha


Congratulations my friend


woooooooot celebrate!!


Hi Adnan,is my lvl 2?Because Im a user but still not seeing lvl 2 user area?


i think if you provide your email via PM to one of the mods they’ll upgrade you.


Where do you look to see what level you are currently?


Doesn’t matter, I’ve found it… Just a basic user at the mo.

That said, I think I’m meant to be upgraded to L2 with me being a MP user.

Is that right?