I just received 1,277 of emails from 'Instagram" BEWARE!


There seems to be a high scale email scam going on so be careful.

I just received this email on 1,277 different emails assigned to my accounts.

This is NOT Instagram, so do not take the survey or reply to this email.


Just curious, were those accounts business accounts? And if not, how did they get your email address?


If you got those e-mails, you published your e-mail addresses somewhere, right?


They were NOT business accounts. I am not sure how they managed to get my email addresses.

It was a mixture of accounts from different providers, ones I have created, and ones I have used my own email domains on. Its quite a wide mix, which makes me think there is a way to get email addresses from non-business accounts.


Let’s see if more people got those emails.

If there is a way to get the mails from IG accounts, it’s quite a big exploit. You would be able to get millions of more or less targeted emails, that’s a lot of money.


it looks like there’s a ton of scams coming from that domain - via different sub domains



Funny, I just got an email from this guy who goes by Brenden Barnur, he said he was offering Instagram services and all I had to do was PayPal him 1000 rupees by midnight or all of my accounts would be deleted.

On a serious note, that’s not cool. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for spam emails, but I’m more curious as to how they got so many of your account addresses…


Sounds good. Yea I would love to know this exploit for my own…“ethical” reasons :smiley:

Thanks for taking a look into the domain @lll looks like they have been at it for a while.


Dont trust that scammer. The dead giveaway was the $1000 rupees. If the real Brandon Berner would do this, it would be more like $1000 USD/account on a recurring basis :smiley:

Awesome! Yea, I was shocked to see I received so many emails. Normally you just get it on 1 account or so. This was not the case, and now I am jealous as to how the found 1277 of my emails.



And yeah, imagine if getting emails was that easy, so many list building ideas come to mind…


Sorry…just had to… :bow:


At least you didn’t post any banana hammocks… :joy:


https://www.qualtrics.com/ seems like a legit survey site.

I just went to the url from your email and did the survey and it only asked for user experience related things. I did expect like login informations or some kind of advertising, but nothing.

I wonder why they did that and when they aren’t Instagram. It seems pretty useless info to me if you don’t work at Instagram.


My two cents on this though…

I would also compare this number to the total number of emails that you manage. If they managed to cover most of your emails then I would be seriously concerned about a breech on your end somewhere.

If, however, the number is a in the 30-40% or similar range, then there’s room for the possibility that these emails were obtained from another source.


I prefer not to disclose the total amount of email accounts I have assigned to social media, however I can tell you that I only received emails on a small percentage.

From what I can see, it does not look like there was a breech on my end, although I am still looking into it.

Time will also tell. If I receive more emails from the majority of my other accounts (and other members here dont), then there is clearly a breach on my end.


I actually didn’t want you to disclose anything not even a percentage, that was just for you. :grin:

But anyways, that’s good news.


Yeah and by the way, HUGE thanks for posting this :+1::bow: That kind of slipped out of my previous replies.


Thanks for the heads up!


There is a way to scrape e-mails from accounts. Seen’t it on Reddit a few months back.


Do you mean this? https://www.reddit.com/r/SEO/comments/5oy3wj/found_a_way_to_scrape_emails_and_urls_from/

That’s only getting emails from the BIO, which is nothing new. If you could do it for every profile, it would be a massive exploit so I don’t think thats possible/public.