I just received 1,277 of emails from 'Instagram" BEWARE!


No, different thread. I think MP can scrape from bio as well, could be wrong, will check once I get campaign in order. I know you can bait people into DM’ing you their e-mail and it will scrape it that way as well.

Somehow someone scraped through the profile. I’ve never dug too deep into it as I have no interest in it.


Brandon, how do you manage all these emails? I am starting creating emails from different providers like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, … I wish I could manage it all in the same time, or at least receive them all in one main mail.


#The Search Function Has The Answer To Your Question



Should i use Method #2 ? You still use this method nowadays?


If you have questions regarding HOW TO: Email Verify Lots Of Accounts With Ease, then please ask your questions there. Not here.


A friend of mine received an email from noreply@qemailserver.com asking to participate in an INSTAGRAM survey (Link is starting with
https://instagram.qualtrics.com ). Her email is actually not on Instagram.

It seems like it is a legit one as the Facebook page says:

Anyone has a different opinion on this and thinks this is a scam?

Thank you for the info!! :bouquet: :slight_smile:


why does it say that you don’t have right to access this topic,???


You’re not at the required user level yet.


I was always wondering what that was about. I assumed they were deleted pages. Unfortunately this forum doesn’t get much traffic. I’m sure if they sent Jrvee users here it would definitely increase the knowledge being shared. But at the same time would increase the leeches, and “I want to be spoofed” posts.