I lose my claim in Paypal Dispute. What should I do next?

Hi all, Last time I try VPS hosting service from Servicecheap for $10. After I order, I find out that VPS is too much for me right now and thus I go for shared hosting from other provider. When I try to ask refund, I find out from TOS that they do not have offer refund. So I decide to open dispute in Paypal. After several days, Paypal comes out with this verdict : "After careful consideration, we’re unable to decide this claim in your favor at this time.

The listing accurately described the item you received"

What should I do next? How can I win this dispute? Any tips??

Can’t win. When you loose, only person that can refund you is only the seller.
Paypal is now changing it’s policy and more than 70% times, dispute goes in seller favour.

Really?? since when Paypal change it’s policy??

So you make an order, then you find out it’s not what you need. So it’s your mistake? And then you want a refund???


Haven’t idea. But since December I lost three case, and that way I have a lost of 300usd. Now, I buy anything very carefully.

You received what you bought . There is no way of getting a refund .

“The listing accurately described the item you received”


So you make a mistake and try to open a dispute because of this?
Doesn’t seem very sportmanship of you.
VPS providers usualy mention if they offer refunds or not,read carefully or even open a ticket with them asking in advance.
Same thing goes for proxies.Some companies offer a refund only if the proxies are not working,if they noticed you used them for 2 minutes,but changed your mind they don’t refund.
Always pay attention to things like this.


Oh well, I always thought Paypal refund means I can ask for refund if the item is not what I hoped it should be. I guess I learn my lesson here

Wow can I know what you buy??

Step by step:

  • You make an order.
  • You agree to their Terms of Service (an online contract).
  • You find out what you order is not just exactly what you wanted, but even better and more than what you could handle.
  • You decide to get a shared hosting with another company.
  • You ask for a refund from the first company for no reason at all.
  • When they explain that you signed an online contract you go straight to PayPal and open a dispute.
  • You rightfully so lose the dispute and now want to go forward.


WTF, man! Grow the f*ck up! If you do shit like that in the streets you won’t live long enough to even be known as a Scammer.

I’ll pretend to myself that you are just a 14 years old kid still learning things, so I’ll give you a good advice:

Whenever you find yourself biting more than you can chew online, chew it. If a VPS is too much for you right now, then, instead of downgrading to a Shared Hosting service, upgrade yourself to the point of needing a VPS. Consider that a sign by God, the gods, spirits, ancestors, the Universe, aliens / whatever. It’s time to upgrade and you have 1 month to do it.

When I was your age I did that a couple of times, every mistake; every time I got more than I could handle; those were the times that defines who can actually make bank online or not. Those were the times I learned the most. This thread could have been very well a:

**"Accidentally got myself a VPS. How can I make the most of it?"**

I'm sure the entire community would throw ideas on you to help you make that $10 look like nothing.

You signed a contract, the mistake was on your end; don’t bother honest people with Scam Disputes.

Grow up.


This one is wrong. I don’t even read their Terms of Service. I just pay with Paypal believing that Paypal can refund me if something is wrong.

I just read their term of service when I try to ask for refund, not when I purchase them


Lol If I try to read of TOS of every sellers that I find, I will spend far more time that what I usually spend

That’s your fault in this case. Most of the people don’t read it (most of the times me neither because it’s boring) but it’s written so if you have problem which against the terms then you can’t do anything.


I did a similar mistake when i signed up for 1 day on a site.I payed 1$ failing to read the term of services where it was stated that if i don’t cancel my subscription it will automaticaly renew for 1 month the next day.Price was 29$ for 1 month.So the next da ypaypal taxed me 29$.Ofc they refused to refund me for failing to read the terms of service.
You live you learn.


Yup, it’s true, only because of this I loose my many. But now, I read TOS before buying any products.

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At least you should run through it. Don’t read it word by word, just go through the important parts. :slight_smile:

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Can’t mention, Because I loose that money at that time because of my own mistake. I can’t blame seller. But it’s a kind of digital product, may be any theme, software or service.

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Now, I had learnt from it.:grinning:

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I learn it as well. Consider that $10 lesson fee

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