I made a free Instagram analytics tool for you guys (and myself)


The data is updated daily, multiple times each day.


Nice work! It’s simple, clean and useful. Awesome stuff!


Not working anymore?


I’m doing a bug fix right now, should be working in a couple of minutes.


Figured noone would notice huh?Well we did!


Because you are everywhere, you are like a detective or a secret agent :sunglasses: :wink:



:heavy_minus_sign: :heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign::heavy_minus_sign:

Thank you for all your efforts, @SheriffWoody!!


It should be working now


I love using this - thank-you!


where’s your coffee fund :smiley: ?
loving this Sheriff <3


Wasn’t used much so I removed it… Glad you like it!


I have my profile loaded into this and owl. But they are both telling me different numbers for each day… Not sure which ones accurate anymore haha


this is true with all programs including MP itself. I am finding out browsers, insights and insta mobile api calls from my own utils return different results. Frankly I don’t know which to believe… Not all accounts are effected BTW.


Yep I’ve seen that with some accounts, IG is doing this for a small number of accounts at the moment.

Each time you make a request they send a slightly different number.

From what I have figured out, I think this is due to the data not syncing on all of instagram’s servers simultaneously.


This tool is great. I’m already on a paid plan. It’s well designed too.


Hey @SheriffWoody! Your tool seems to be temporarily down? It’s giving me a “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” when I try to access it.


It was down, now it’s up again!


is it not working?


It should be… Try refreshing the page.


This is great. Thank you!


I don’t see a paid plan option :thinking: