I made a free Instagram analytics tool for you guys (and myself)


I doubt this, too. Otherwise enough people here would pay you to create a Twitter version of your site and then shadowban the Twitter acc. of a particular president… :wink:


Very interesting this post, i found another two website igaudit.io for scan if an account have a fake followers and hypeauditor it’s a very professional scan


Hey thanks for the links, I didn’t know about IGAudit till today! Tested it on some known profiles and it seems to be quite reliable!


Do the accounts reset every month? I wanted to log in today and they were all gone, I am unauthorized to log in as well…?


You have to log in now to save favourites.


How can you login?

EDIT: I swear that when I had checked before, there was no register option. Whether or not I am crazy, there is now a register option available.


Wow! You have done a first class job here. :+1:



Thanks a lot for this excellent tool. I have a (stupid?) question but i’d like to be sure. What is exactly the “influence” score and on what is it based ?


This one is incredible… great work


Influence is simply followers/following


This is actually pretty dope! Nice work mate


Amazing, your page is very helpful :smiley: :+1:


Im having some troubles.
I am getting Cannot read property ‘getTime’ of null

What can I do to fix this?


Useful tool man, thank you for this!


When do you get this exactly?

Glad you like it!


Congratulations man, it looks promising!


I’m getting the same error, “getTime” of null when I access every single tab on for each of the different types of analytics you are providing.

Also when I add usernames to my favorites it’s not showing up on the home screen (i registered an account as well)

Tool seems kickass if it’s working, looking forward to using this for my clients.



Idk if everyone is experiencing this but “Followers last month” and “Followers last week” isn’t showing for me. Other than that, great job on this website!


Which accounts did you encounter this on?


Yeah we’ll fix this asap.