I made a free Instagram analytics tool for you guys (and myself)


it’s working now. Is there anyway to send reports to different email addresses? I’d love to send weekly report to my clients.



Yes there is a way. Try igblade.pro it might just be what you are looking for :wink:


ahhh my man! I’v been looking for something like this for ages now. thank you so much.


Great job.thx.


Hey thank you for making it, very useful tool. However for most accounts I check, this is what I get. Is it just me?


Also getting this when checking on account patrickdundas


Superb tool! Thanks for sharing


Check back the next day, the graphs will appear then.


Thank you so much @SheriffWoody this tool is Amazing!


i love this tool :heart_eyes:


Omg you’re the boss !
Thanks :slight_smile: Great tool


Glad you like it! Check out IGBlade.Pro for a much more advanced and powerful version!


Wonderfull :star_struck: i will try this tool now


Did anybody test this tool?


Great tool it seems!
Programmers you should check this out :wink:


Great work thank you


Guys we’ve just dropped a huge update to igblade.com you might want to check it out :wink:


Great stuff, the site looks more sleek now, love the design changes too. Kudos to you.


Just seen it! Looks awesome!

Thank you for that!


looooooooks so good!