I made a free Instagram analytics tool for you guys (and myself)


Thanks Bro <3 I <3 You


Wooow! That is amazing, registered now. Thank you for your time


Glad you like it! If you are managing accounts for clients make sure to check out igblade.pro to get the analytics site hosted on your domain with your logo and reports.


Wow that is a great plus indeed even better if we don’t need to login there too.

And the price is fair enough, thank you so much


The Pro version on the site is down. Any ideas when it will be back up? Thanks, I’m a huge fan of your service!


Seems like something might be up, almost all of the profiles I’ve been tracking have been broken since June 1st. Not a huge deal for me as they’re just personal pages that struggle to get by :man_shrugging:


thanks for this tool Woody! I use it every day! You should post a donate button!


Hey @SheriffWoody. First of all really like your tool :ok_hand: Use it since 3 months everyday several times.
But it seems since 2 days the posts are not synchronized anymore :man_shrugging: Stats are there but posts dont show up. Maybe somebody else also noticed it? I just thought I let you know.


Yep. I have checked a few seconds ago. Can confirm that :+1:


Thanks for the heads up, we’re fixing this ASAP!


awesome tool! since discovered, never left! :smiley: thanks guys. hopefully buying pro one day


Thanks bro! Let me know when you’re ready to join the pros and I’ll send you a coupon :wink:


Do you offer plans for more than 100 accounts per month? Planning on scaling very fast here, so I’m curious.


Yes, I have guys running over 3000 clients with igblade.pro. The sky is the limit:)


Hey there Woody, were you able to solve the issues regarding the post tab?



Hi SheriffWoody, thanks for this amazing tool, im already a pro customer right now, although I’m facing the same problem here, the most recent posts are not appearing


Thanks for your work, I will consider it as tools. Obviously the visualization of the activities starts from the first time I go to insert my nick in the search? Doesn’t it make you see a historical antecedent maybe a few months old?


UP :frowning:


Thank You for great tool ! :wink:


We’ve restarted post tracking, your newest posts should be rolling in any time now. If they don’t drop me a DM:)