I made a free Instagram analytics tool for you guys (and myself)


Amazing :ok_hand: Thanks a lot Sheriff :cowboy_hat_face:


tried to see if the updates are working but seems that the site and service are down? are you guys facing the same problem? thanks


It worked allready for me about 1 hour ago. Just a little maintenance I guess.


Yep, we’re tweaking some servers. Give us a few minutes


working now!
have you ever thought in a way that we can export the data in xls and json?
it would be awesome

I was thinking in a business model that I would need to scrap and register many accounts, do you have an unlimited plan or something similar at a reasonable price?

Thank you again


Hey there !

“I don’t plan on making this tool a paid service so igblade will be available for free indefinitely.”

It seems you finally change your mind by adding some paid functionalities on IGblade (for marketing agencies maybe) ?

I just discovered the monthly plans. Like how it tracks everything by the way


People, are allowed to change their mind. If it proves valuable to you pay for it. :+1: cheers friend


Thank you kind sir!


Please contact support on igblade.pro for more info on this.

Glad you like the tool! IGBlade.com is still 100% free so nothing changed about that. The pro version is for agencies looking for branding, client management, automations etc.