I Need GOOD IG Likes

Anyone know of a place to get Insta Likes that aren’t crazy expensive and Likes that don’t drop? Any help is much appreciated. A lot of the SMMA ones are faulty, never show up, or drop off after a hour.

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IG ads. You will not find better and cheaper

Hi mate, can you explain this cheaper, how cheap they can get per like for western countries traffic and not Asia.

Hi, @silas3185
If you want you can test our service: MMF-SMM.COM - Instagram Engagement SMM Panel | Dripfeed | Automatic Services | First-Line Provider ❤
Our main feature is we offer likes which never drop

Last time I did ad it was 0.77 euro for 1500 likes from ADs.

And you dont have to take care about any drops etc.

Once you add more targeted audience likes are more expensive, but every like is better than fake one :ok_hand:

Wow, absoutely I agree. But the price you just said sounds so low its unbelivable, is it likes from some Asian country? Btw, did you gain any new followers from all the people who liked

Yes, likes are world wide.

No followers from there.

Why don’t you try the Like Exchange of Jarvee? it is the easiest way to get Likes :wink:

I am using Like exchange and when looking for some reasonable number of likes, I can always get them. I just make sure to leave enough sessions so Jarvee’s got enough time to give me the number of likes that I ask.

Jarvee Like Exchange would be my suggestion as well :slight_smile: you just need to make sure to have accounts that will give likes as well, this is why it’s called exchange :slight_smile: Instagram ads are also a great source for this, you can create a more specific audience when doing this from facebook ads manager than from the IG app itself.

Definitely Jarvee Like exchange but try to get the premium version of if because you get the privileges of priority over other users and you will get a great number of likes on your posts.

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