I need help with TikTok?

I have been posting TikTok once a day and can’t seem to get more than 300 views each. I don’t know if it is the hashtags I use or the content is boring.

Can someone help me? have a look and give me feedback. my account is travelweekli95


definitely this


got any tips on how i can improve

the best in the business is @customlogovideos – he can do it – talk to him

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I would love to get 300 views. My last video only got 7.

what can he do

ask him – you asked for help did you not? I cannot speak for him. I mentioned the best.

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anyone got any tips

Post better content. Be more creative :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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like what content

there is a saying, if lost any road will work. just pick a niche and start learning. we don’t know what you should do.


Try different ways of saying the same thing.
Leave 100 different comments on the fyp
Try a trendy dance or filter or edit…


I did a trendy dance and filter and got like under 500 views


Well Done! you beat your record giphy (1)


What do you mean

With all do respect, I think he means make another one, learn the platform – do better. There are plenty of youtube videos that show how – The all teach – content, niche down, views are more important than followers. We can’t spoon feed you info.

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I just posted a new tiktok video and it not showing up on any hastags and been like a week or 2 since I posted so why am I still shadowbanned

how do you know your are shadowbanned if you havent posted in 2 weeks? You gotta post daily to know, not every 2 weeks. Please, use common sense, if you don’t post you get no activity. And if you post and your view are real low, you are posting material that they don’t like. TikTok is not guaranteed followers without work


It’s clearly a content issue. If I were you, I would take a step back and think of how I can make better content

Can we find a better solution to TikTok instead of this arbitrary advice “post better content?” Is there any guide to gray hat methods that we can reproduce consistently? Example, Instagram was a great consistent method using F/UF which was reliable and predictable. I’ve been posting daily content a client’s account for a month and it isn’t growing. I also paid for two months of Autotokker and that’s not working either because of “API changes.”

Someone mentioned the M/S method was great for Tiktok growth. Where we can learn about that?