I need to turn the Android phone into a 4G Proxy?

I have:
Samsung S8 Android Phone
Internet tarrif

Using 4G Dongle can be costly. I want to use a phone for this. I need software that will make the phone a proxy server. I also want this for a webserver.

What I am looking;
Domain:port:user:pass login
To be able to buy new proxy by restarting each request. We should be able to manually change this restart via the API or a link. Our customers should click to change
I should be able to see the new IP on the webpanel.

I’m looking for this kind of script. I want to turn the phone into a mobile proxy server. Can you give me a price quote.


Use allproxy app. It’s the thing you need. It will convert your mobile in 4g proxy server.

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I want to use my own domain. The paid version here is very expensive. I guess he wanted $ 100 a month

You have dongles from 10 USD, doesn’t make sense to use a phone as a proxy.
If you want to have your own proxy server just buy a Pi.

Some good info on this topic here:

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Using a phone is cheaper for me

which software setup for proxy server?

the PI or Phone just only the hardware, in my opinions.

You may want to read this article:


I remember following this guide and did not succeed, main difference was I’ve used 3g modems, maybe they’re to blame. I’ve ended up using squid + sakis3g and it works flawlessly for the moment, only downside that I’m looking to improve is modem restart time to get new IP, at the moment it’s 30s +

@li0n I’ve used my mobile phone as “4g proxy” in the past, but I simply used it as wifi hotspot and ran python script on my pc to restart phone to get new IP. This setup is very limited but if you’re tight on budget it works. I don’t know how to use android phone as proxy server like raspberry pi, but I would start from looking into if it’s possible to install linux on android and use squid on it as your proxy server.


There are a couple of apps that you can use: Proxy Server and Servers Ultimate.

And for the first one, there are some tutorials on YouTube that you can follow to set it up without issues.

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does this app still work?

Cant find it on play store anymore - you may try every proxy.

Search for APK files on google… Even Allproxy works fine

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Does this app require your phone to be rooted? For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out what it need me to do.

how do you use the allproxy? copy and paste? im lost