I no longer have access to my old phone, how do I verify my account?

Hi guys,

I want to log into one of my accounts, I still have access to the email associated with this account however I no longer use the phone number. When I try to log in it says “We sent a verification code to your phone number” . What should I do? I can’t access this phone number.

Please help!!


On the windows that says “We sent a verification code to your phone number” is there a back button?

No there is no back button, I’ll leave an attachment so you can see, it just says send a verification code.

Also thanks for the quick response!

Is there really nothing? I still have the password and email associated with the account, I just don’t use that phone number. Is there a way I can make a report to Instagram?


As far as I know the account is lost, there is no possibility of getting it back.


Write them a Mail, fill that out that your account is like disabled and when they send you the mail with the code, make a picture from you with the code and write a sentence that you dont have access to your account anymore cause you switched your phone number, maybe there is some chance, try it

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Don’t say this kind of stuff if you are not 100% sure,

For OP, as long as you have access to the registration e-mail (should have the welcome email in your inbox) there is 99% of the time still a way to get your account back.

Next to that, you should check out this https://help.instagram.com/1068717813216421 took me a few seconds of searching.


That’s why I said as far as I know. I’m very sorry, good luck OP!!

i have the same problem,Did you get it back?

reset password by entering your email and see what will happens if it didn’t work than ↓↓

where did you get that phone number from and if you still remember it
if online go back to the service you used and ask for that number again
if locally you can go claim that you lost the sim card and you work with your number and it’s super important to recover it they might ask for your ID if they are strict in the country your at,good luck

lastly you have nothing to do now just contact IG if it’s your brand or personnel ig account!

Thanks I’ll try this and keep you updated on the situation.

I do have access to the registration email, I tired clicking reset password, I get a link sent to my email and I am able to reset the password however when I try to re log in it still asks me for a PV with a old number. I’ll check out the link you provided.


I did reset my pword, it still asks me for a pv with an old phone number. It’s a digital number from a online PV service. I’ll try contacting IG to regain access to my account.

you have to click " recover password " and then insert the email of profile.

after password changing, you could insert a new number.

do all the request via Web Browser on residential or own mobile connection.

reset the password,it will still ask for PV,couldn’t don anything

you are in a loop.
are you using jarvee?

Boa is right. If you do this you can indeed reset the password however when you attempt to log in again you will be asked for a PV. I’m not doing this in Jarvee, I’m doing it in both the web browser and mobile app.

yes,i have try many times,same as you say

Contact the previous number and ask if you can get the code, or go to your mobile carrier and tell them the situation other than that you’re fked :slight_smile:

you can send email to them.
I think you should get back your account in a few days.

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