IG absolutely crazy - New Manual blocks

Well… when we think that we have seen everything, now IG is blocking, 7 days, accounts for manual actions.

Accounts never automated, no problems to follow, but the unfollow caused the blocks.

We experienced in a variaty of conditions, locations, age of account, number of Followers, etc.

Would like to know you experience, thanks!


Saw that too, limits just got more strict for manual actions.
Good thing that automation works like a dream.


Yeah Instagram is causing a crazy amount of issues for regular users :frowning:

Yea everything is fucked up haha, one of my clients told me they want to buy 200 fake followers for one new account, just so they don’t have 0 followers, account got action blocks the same day for 7 days. It’s crazy how easy they can detect it now…


I haven’t seen a thread for Manual blocks - only automation :grimacing:

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It’s even worse on desktop, which a lot of people use at work vs. phone.

I really think this is the end. Nothing is working on any method


action blocked for logging into your account.

Instagram is trolling, maybe destroying Instagram is an inside job, we will never know


you got a 7 day block cause you added 200 followers to clients new account?

that’s nuts anybody can add followers to competitors accounts and get it blocked


Yep, it’s like this for last few weeks, since they started giving those blocks, now I can send it to any account and destroy any account I want. Instagram being more smart then ever…

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I only stalk 5exy girls and models with my IG nothing else… never got any blocks :smiley:


We started to experience blocks on manual also.

Heavily blocked on all accounts that used any fake follower gain/like services.

It all started with new update. Just with accounts that are in different country. Which shouldnt be a problem managing it since there is no automation. If anyone is able to help or contribute to fix those problems, I would be more than happy.

We have a lot of clients and with our hard work on getting solutions… every bit of information is vital.
Thank you!

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The solution is don’t go over 49 manual actions per hour and it will be fine. (4 times a day)
Even if you do 75 actions at once, block will hit you on the 4th day.
I was the last one to believe in action/ hour limits until this June, as I was doing 199, 15 mins break, 199, 15 mins break and the last 199/ acc at the end of 2018.


The blocks you get on phone. Is it a temp block?

hope for a tiktok bot release maybe when instagrm will see marketers content creators goes to another platform they will stop zucking us


@IGsocialize Can you tell us which actions you did, how many and how many in a row? Maybe we can find out what caused the blocks.

The accounts that reported the blocks were only doing unfollow, not automation is or was used for any of them, we are talking about personal accounts managed by the owners, we know about this because they are our marketing clients, a dozen, when we asked what they were doing all of them were pretty clear, unfollowing accounts, old followings, without profile pic, with zero posts etc.
I asked if they were doing it super fast, and the common answer was “as usual” these clients are young people, so you know how fast they perform any action in a phone. (We know that they do a very simple F/UF method, but based on what they like in the account they decide to follow, none of them have more than 2000 followings and all of them have more than 20K followers.

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Okay, when I understood it right they were doing it and you don’t know if they did 50 stop 50 stop, 200 in a row, etc.? I thought you were doing the actions for them and then it happened.

How many of your clients reported it?

Yes, that was my first time seeing 72h block because of manual actions.

But unfollow blocks are here for a while. Before I found this forum and jv I used captivate and cleaner for 4 years for some of my accounts, cleaner still works but since July you shouldnt do more than 39 actions in one operation. Then you need to relogin and you can do it again, it is still possible to unfollow 39x 5 in 10 minutes, but quite big % of accounts will get unfollow block, not instantly, but after few days of doing that.