IG ads limit organic reach

hey everyone! I used ig ads for few days and since I started using ads my reach got cut down by 70%. I have noticed the same issue few months back and I completly stopped using them. My reach went back up again. I am not really sure wether using ads did that or maybe something else I have done and they didn’t like.

Has anyone experienced this? i wanted to use ads to push my engagement but instead it killed it. Is there a way to increase engagement using ads or could you recommend anything better?


If you use ads, you give the instagram sign that you will pay them, that’s why later when you stop buying ads, the engagement you have is cut off. it is normal. If you want to continue to buy advertising, you will not change it, and if you want to stop, change your profile to personal and the engagement will return to normal for some time


Is this true? I have a similar problem. Do you really think that switching back to personal will fix this after some time? So I guess I need to stay on a personal profile then as this means that switching back will make IG think that I will buy Ads again…


I don’t think you even need to switch back to personal, mine went back to normal after a while but you have to be patient.

Mine too, i think I wasted some money.

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I had the same situation, its normal. It gets back to regular reach after around 3-4 weeks.

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Thats so long :unamused:

I think ads should be used to drive sales not engagement.
I think you went about it the wrong way.
Use ads to drive traffic to your website.


Good to know - best to avoid ads so

The problem with IG ads is that it’s very expensive if you only want to grow your account. They work way better if you want to drive sales to your web!

I think it doesn’t matter what you use ads for they still limit the reach because they think you will pay. in that case its best to have separate ads account to drive traffic to the website.

my biggest concern is engagement. any recommendations? my reach went from 18-27k to 5-8k since their update.

So you finally give in and promote your Pics directly through Ig and they cut your reach what in the hell has this world come to :man_facepalming:t2:

Exactly. They should be favouring people that spend money

I did the same about one month ago. It was the period after 4th June and I run 2 ads… now ER is not only low but ridiculously low… I habe not idea if it’s ads fault

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Yes it is for sure. Just try to disconnect facebook and wait for couple of weeks should go back to normal

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You think disconnecting Facebook will play a role ? I ll give it a try :thinking:

Let me know how it goes. Maybe switching back to a personal page will do the trick.

Guys, it’s not the best period to test what does and what doesn’t work for engagement as Instagram team got hotheaded and they are coding, tweaking and reading this forum 24/7 until Zuck says “not bad, 3/10”

To put some value on my post I will tell you, that connecting facebook account to your instagram account has huge impact on engagement, number of likes per post on the same content and recovering from shadowban. Did A/B tests on that, accounts with fb pages always get better results.

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Only thing is newbies here dont get access to important information and we are all desperate for some help


I did not understand this at the beginning. Why I do not have access and others have, although we are all in need :slight_smile: After a month, I understood everything :slight_smile: As I came to level 2 :slight_smile: You will easily understand <3