IG Automation Consultant

Can anyone recommend an Instagram Automation Consultant to help with MP/Jarvee Setup?


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Yes. Hit up @ciras

He offers that kind of service.

And I am not sure if @HenryCooper does that too, but I know for a fact that he offers proxies, which you will need on the long run.

Oh @Itsyourtime might be able to help you too.
He has definately skills


Thanks @Micky, appreciate that.

My pleasure sir. All the best to you. Good luck :blush:

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Thanks @Micky

There is no magic trick which will let you run 100% accounts without blocks, but yeah we reduced right now amount of blocks - yesterday update 5/87 accs blocked on one server.

We are also offering DC proxies which we are using on our own.
FYI we are using only F/U.

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My pleasure sir :slightly_smiling_face: @ciras

Not that I have anything against @ciras but most of the people who posted good reviews back then ended up having problems again down the road.

@jbaum Depending on what your expectations are, reconsider paying for consulting.
You have a forum full of people sharing knowledge for free, while others are packaging this info and selling it as consulting


I appreciate the remarks. Sometimes, you just want that real 1-on-1 conversation though. And the availability and connection with someone who’s considered an industry ‘expert’. Definitely get what you’re saying though. Plus of course there are people who have knowledge and others who can teach. Ideally, a consultant has both :wink:

I personally don’t know any of the guys I mentioned. But based on my activity on this forum and the good reviews I have heard about these gentlemen, I mentioned their names. However we all know who ever you choose to help you will never be able to give you a permanent fix. The game is changing all the time, and it is good to have a basic understanding and then tweak and build your own empire.

You have a forum full of people, most of whom do not know what they are doing & in some cases purposefully spread misinformation

I think it is a good idea to pay for consultations with an experienced person
I use @ciras proxies & they are good & my impression is he is a knowledgable guy

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You’re praising overpriced DC proxies, which shows how impressionable you are.

Most people are honest about their experiences, because they aren’t selling anything.
The only misinformation I’ve seen spread is either from people who don’t know better (it’s not on purpose) or from people trying to sell something.

It’s funny that the bar to be an expert nowadays is running an account with no blocks for a week.
Or having a screenshot with 50 accounts all hitting 200 follows on that day.
That’s all it takes to sell consultation, the way this forum is currently.


The proxies work, that’s what i care about

Honesty does not mean their input has value
Of course most people are ‘just trying to be helpful’ but in many cases that can be harmful & add to the confusion

My Time, Experience & knowledge has value & so does Ciras & so does your’s

There are alot of people hurting(including me) losing clients & dealing with a lot of issues, so of course it creates a situation for people hoping for solutions, free or otherwise.

Your best bet is testing unless you plan on paying a consultant every 1-3 months. Things will continue to change until 2021.

Get one on one consulting w @ciras. It’s good to get another set of eyes on what you are doing. Does it mean he’s going to magically solve everything forever, no! But I guarantee he will make your life much better the day you finish your 3 hours. It will then be up to you to continue the good fight.

For everyone else combatting ‘consultants’ but more-so @ciras, let me explain value. We (my crew) are working on a very high level when it comes to automating. We (my crew) could probably offer consulting. We (my crew) just like everyone else benefits from another set of eyes.

Let me put it into perspective using this analogy. Lebron James, arguably the best basket ball player on the planet, has trainers.

Point is, everyone needs help from time to time even if it’s a small change or a fresh set of eyes that will change your perspective.

Did I mention we will gladly take your clients if you want to quit :wink:


And I agree to everything you mentioned above :ok_hand:

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Recommend @ciras

Thank you all for the help!

Other than Ciras, does anyone else here offer consulting of any kind? :slight_smile:

@babs :slight_smile: recommended

i dont see what is the point from automation consultant ? is it really that hard to figure out a solution ? if you just dedicated some time and go through all the variables you will surely get a solution (temporary).

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Not everyone is so technical and moreover, I think @mrsmith made a great point above :slight_smile: