IG Blocks - action blocks

Since IG is testing features in different regions (for example, IG is hiding likes in Canada, Australia, Brazil, etc), I’ve wondered if errors and blocks were happening for different reasons, which vary according to the account region.

I mean, IG features in Brazil are different from IG features in the US, for example. So, the reason for the blocks in each region could also be different.

Does it make sense?

There are a couple of threads about blocks, but these are not focusing on the account’s region. If the region is an issue, perhaps we should try to understand blocks better.

Any thoughts?


I’m a bit tired of following and watching soooo many threads about the same… IG blocks…
I’m really interested in finding out the solution all together and sharing our results/tactics with each other, but I believe that your question could be a simple comment in MegaThread…
At least untill we find out that it may be the reason and we are ready to discuss it in a separate thread…

Nothing personal, just no need to create a new topic for each suggestion/speculation/though.
Just imagine how many threads can everyone here create starting with “what if IG…”…

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I’ve been following the mega threats, but it is focusing on automation as the main reason for the blocks, so I thought it was not an issue creating a new thread.

I’m really sorry I bother you with my question.

You can ignore it or answer the question.


Region doesn’t matter man. Terms and conditions are the same for everyone.


Exactly what the said!

There is no pattern to be found and even if there is no way to stop it. If you get a wave, recover and move forward

That’s okay, just wanted to advise you to ask such questions in the relevant threads as it is only hypothesis.

That would be much more clever from my side, I’m agree :slight_smile:
My opinion is that it has nothing to do with the GEO in this case.

P.S.: Apologize if I was too rude

Hi Jake, tks for the replay.

So, do you believe the errors we have experienced in Canada only are not related to the region?

I agree about the terms and conditions are the same for everyone, but I am intrigued by errors and blocks that are happening only on our Canadian accounts.

We are not doing automation at the moment (stoped Jrv in Jun/19 because of the blocks) on these accounts.

Yeah I don’t think its anything to do with your location to be honest! Probably just a coincedence.

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Hi @oneoneseven

The only pattern I’ve noticed was the region (GEO). I mean, there are other acconts with no errors or blocks, but our Canadian accounts are experiencing a couple of errors besides the blocks.

Since the issues also appear in accounts manually managed, It’s not Jrv I believe.

In Canada: some accounts are not able to refresh all feeds. Other accounts can’t refresh “tagged feed” at API only. And, DM is not working in other accounts as well.

I mean, there is a variation of errors happening in Canada specifically, for example.

It seems like IG is testing/changing features by region/area. Just like they made with “hiding likes.” But they are messing up.

Guys, If i got “action blocked” while doing manual for my client , but still, i can follow even tho i get these notifications, what does it mean? How to avoid this?

There’s no confirmed answer anymore mate. Their algorithm is extremely dynamic and so unpredictable that we all have issues. One day it’ll work the next day it won’t with no pinpointed reason.

When blocked let the account rest for 2 days even after these hard blocks.

This helps a little but as I say you’ll randomly get blocked.

They’re cracking down more and more as they continue to add updated algorithms.

IG calm the fuck down! Take it back to 200 a day with no issues!


I understand that its getting hard with automation, but cmon, i did only ~15 follow actions once i loged into my clients account with my phone for the first time ever. And got blocked for 7 days.

I really want to solve this problem mate. I reported the bug to instagram support, so hope maybe they will answer me and will help to fix this issue…

Exactly - random and unpredictable.

I have a friend that’s never used automation or anything at all and she got blocked for 3 days just from following from an account she’s already following.

IG maybe just blocking randomly to let every user know that you can’t be following anymore.

wait my friend tomorrow Zuckerberg reply to you to fix the problem :joy:


Here you got what you could have avoided. Rest 24 hours after a first Device connexion on an account that never got connected to this country/device.

Well, i connected like 15 hours ago, but without entering a code. Then after like ~15 hours i entered a validation code and started following immediately, and then i got an action block like after ~15 follows. Then i kept trying to follow and this block turned into 7 days block…

if you get hard block you have to stop all actions
and wait the amount of days
in your situation you have to wait 7 days!

You did 2 mistakes, i understand why you got HB 7 days, i will never suggest to try following when you see the “Block” notification (except if you Log OFF/IN).

You can still use other tools (except F / L / U). It will be even more human like.

Yes, so i did 2 mistakes:

  1. I started doing actions on an account immediately after i entered a confirmation code and loged into it.

  2. After i got soft block i kept trying to follow until i hit the hard block for 7 days.

Is it true or do you guys see more reasons why i failed?

I also want to mention that this client of mine was on automation before for 12 months or so and only today after 6 months or so without automation i first tried to login into his account and try first manual actions.

Automation is not the problem, as i’m running smoothly hundred of accounts without much problems and they were automated before.

I would say, you were way too fast from the first loggin. Keep calm and stay cool, it will make a difference !

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