IG earning 0,50 - 1,00$ / daily with one IG account

Hey guys,

me and my group start about a few months ago to build some IG accounts.
We have now like 15 accounts with a total of 450.000 Followers.

But we need help in how to make some money with this accounts.

So maybe someone can tell his experience with what methods to make about 0,50 - 1,00$ / per account daily.

Some answers would be great.

Thanks !!


You should grow these acc’s more and then you can sell shoutouts

But it you wanna go on another jourmey wich is called cpa then your followers doesn’t matter that much. You can still use those acc’s but I don’t recommend that becouse you can lose them quickly.

Read this thread :wink:


Thanks for the fast answer, we already read this yesterday and we will try these hard the next days.
But what is this exactly?
IG accounts follow good sources and the people click on the bio link and download stuff or buy or what?


Here is example. You have probaby heard of pokemon GO. So what you can do with that niche is to tell your followers that you can give them free coins in order to give them free coins they need to do certain action and after they do that you will earn. That is blackhat method to earn money and ofcourse you will not give them coins you are just faking this coins story so that they can do action wich will lead you to earn money

Another example wich is let’s say grayhat is that you actually provide them something even tho It’s not free coins. So you can make like an e - book in wich you reveal some secrets about the game

And finally pure whitehat where you actually provide them with real stuff they are looking for. You provide an ebook on how to catch a pikachu in pokemon GO. So when they do action like survey , pin submit or any other you give them what you said in first place.

Those are just examples you can do whatever you want. Sky is the limit🙂 Just need to think outside of the box and target the right audience. If you wanna do CPA you probably don 't have to worry about followers becouse you will use MP and some big follow/unfollow game.


everbody want a $1 per day per account on instagram method.

its a million dollar question mate
and if anybody has such method he will not give it to you - so your question is just stupid

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Men, calm down. I just wanna know some methods because im new in this game.
And some people already helped me, so what is exactly your problem ?

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It’s not really a million dollar question. You just need a good niche and some good strategy what to do with it.

People nowdays do free followers, free iphone and stupid shit like that and ofcourse that even 0,50 they can’t achieve and then give up and say Inatgram is dead.

Instagram is very much alive just need to dig deep


Men, thousand thanks! Your example helped me a lot. So i know now also what means blackhat, whitehat, etc…


Your welcome :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

First do your homework and read some tutorials and ebooks - there is plenty laying around - dont be lazy.
And than come start asking.

cpafromcroatia was kind enough to point you


Blackhat - It’s when you manipulate something or someone for your gain without giving value or effort. This is mostly unethical stuff like @cpafromcroatia mention where you will lure your followers to get a “Free Coins” and when they do what you tell them to “Fill out surveys”, you will not give them the “Free Coins”

Greyhat - It’s between blackhat and whitehat method

Whitehat - Where you tell your users that you will give something in exchange for them filling out the surveys. Basically, Whitehat is ethical and a complete opposite of Blackhat.

Blackhat is easy money in a short period of time. Whitehat on the other hand is harder but will last long.

Choose Wisely my friend. :joy:


15 acc with 450k followers ???

It means 1 acc get ~ 30k followers ???

It’s quite good amount

You can:

  • Sell tshirt - 1$ per day mean 30$ per month ~ 2 tshirts

Easy, right ???
Sunfrog is all you need if you dont know about design your own shirt.

Also you can:
Send a link bio to a shopify store

Post a shoutout


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Not a million dollar question, bro

I think, it’s kind of basic question. :smile:

why i can’t access this thread.

Any help me Ig i have office and 10 workers…

It depend who is your audience.
I can recommend to try CPA Offers.

Understand bro, but how to start , if you firstly guide line me please

Get to reading, There are many different threads on this forum but you need to be a higher contributing member here to view them and get granted lvl 2 access.

IF you have an office of 10 people, think about what you could be selling 1st automated messaging or some type of outreach, then let your 10 people swoop in personally to the messages and get sales to whatever you want, just target people correctly… .50 to 1.00 a day is bad per account in my opinion


can i got your skype or me bro please Sk y > servicemedia24

no rights to access, damn

atm im struggling to earn anything daily with 22accs with cpa

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