IG Error Message When Creating A New Account


What is this message mean?
I use private dedicated proxy 1:1 and create account with MP embed browser.
Is it from Proxies or MP creating account with embed browser?

Is the error happening on a particular proxy only?

Probably proxy is banned from creating accounts.

It happened to particular proxies, so I guess it’s from proxies. I’m getting refund now.
It’s hard to find virgin proxies nowaday.

Where did you buy your proxies? I’m having the same problem and it’s weird because the first 14 proxies I’ve used were all perfectly fine and now three in a row that haven’t worked. I feel like this is an error somewhere else maybe?

The best proxy to use are those that have not been used for IG, the virgin ones, but it’s almost like searching for a unicorn :slight_smile: Some providers will say it’s virgin but it’s not and there’s no way to know unless you tried it. You may want to try creating your own or search for new providers and maybe try out 2-3 from them. Also, if you have an IG account that got banned on that proxy, it’s best not to use that proxy when creating a new one or for another account.


I bought it from BHW with the advertise for IG Proxy. It costs $3/proxy which is expensive. Now, I got my refund.