IG research challenge..do you have what it takes?

Exactly that was the question of this very important company that challenged us.

Now I ask you… do you have the IG skills to know what methods an account is using to have a super growth?

I’m looking here for your ideas and tricks to gather information on any account. If you want the real account I can DM it to you.

Do you want to know our answer to the prospect?


No offense but the grammar used in the statement you quoted from them leads me to believe that they’re not a very important company.

In regards to your answer, just think of all the strategies you currently know and work out the average cost per follower, which should give you an idea of what’s what.

Right now, if you’re looking for followers that stick (non-drop) and are not fake, giveaway loops are the best. I’ve gained 5K+ followers on some accounts overnight with giveaway loops with 0 investment, as long as you can arrange all of the influencers to post the giveaway, and sell enough spots, you’ll break even. Or pay to join some.

However the followers you gain from giveaways clearly won’t be targeted nor interested in the companies content. It’s just a number.

Sorry, but you didn’t understand what this company “asked” or “challenged” us.
They gave us an account to analyze it and then explain them what methods were used on it.
They own the account, they know the methods they used on it. :wink:

Ah right, sorry I didn’t quite understand! Start by checking their graphs on ninjalitics to see if any follow unfollow has been done.

Check if anybody with the word ‘giveaway’ follows them (for giveaway loops).

Check their tagged accounts for any promos they might have used.

Click on settings and check their ad history to see if they have any active Instagram ads.


your biggest source of info is look who they are following — this often tells ya info never dreamed of.


Do you know some website or software that can check the geo location of followers on some instagram profile.

I want to know from where the profile has most followers.


what kind of challenge is this ? what you gonna win ? whats in it for you ? maybe they just bought bunch of fake followers and wanted to occupy you from getting more client LOL jokking but who knows

i’ve seen people sending bots to their competitors site to fraud click their afsense & get them banned , you just can’t imagibe how evil our world can be

You didn’t get the idea, in simple words they asked: “Show me that you know how to analyze a competitor and learn from it” this is the customer idea. (and provided one of their accounts).

ok got you & personally i dont think its good for you (your company) cus you shoukd be the one with authority and know when to show off this authority , i dont think its good thing to accept such challenge especially if you’re not sure how to reply cus now you working for free & if you did not make it you 'll lose your credibilty while gettin far from what it matters ( results) to keep things simple if he wants you to get him result you will use your secret sauce and thats it and we all know that there is not just one way but many so no need to test your knowldege , well thats me

I got your point.
We accepted it, and we performed so well that we got the new customer :slight_smile:
No secrets where shared or described. We didn’t explain how we obtained the details.

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good for you guys :wink:

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can you please explain what you mean by giveaway loops what’s the purpose ?

so their goal was to analyze for them method of growth of their competitor

if the goal was to make you tell them what’s the method why you didn’t share how their competitor grow ?

Is this just a stealth brag thread?
You got some legit answers from people, but you didn’t really say much other than how good you are at analyzing the competition.

Thinking the same thing. Clients that big wouldn’t run rings round you, that’s not how they operate and that’s not what got them to where they are now.

We told them, based on our research, what we think they used to grow, and we were right, we didn’t share how we got to conclusions. (Our tools or methods to analyze an account).
This customer had very bad experiences with different size of agencies from very small to very important ones so they challenged a group of agencies.

BTW I work for a corporation and it’s quiet normal, lately, that customers ask for a proof of the abilities to perform certain task before signing the contract.
We believe that we so many people out there pretending they know about the business they got tired of that. (This applies to our Social Media dept., of course in software development this never happened as the customers can see our work and no need to prove anything to them.

Hope is more clear now :wink:

Hope is more clear now.

Maybe you need to read my post to understand our goal. Thanks!

When you work with big clients, you are working, in general, with the marketing dept. so it’s pretty clear that you are dealing with employees that are responsible for the decisions and when it comes to report to their management they must present results so they want to be sure that they are hiring the right people for the job. Simple as that.

We all know how “shady” could be some social media methods/techniques, so to be honest if I had the money I would the same as they do.

you have your own sofware ??

Yes a few :wink: @Xxpo99