IG verification badge

Can somebody help me out with who i can pay to get my artist a verification badge? you can DM if you have any idea or info

interested as well cheers

I just worked with someone that got me my username on instagram. He was working on verifying me but has gone all silent since someone didnt pay. Hopefully he is back soon

Rally? can you please put contact means outta here?

There are people selling those services when you get to level 2.


That’s the motivaiton we all need to get there! Any idea how much it costs?

Where level 2 means?

User level 1 (Also know as “Basic”)

If you like what you found on the forum, and stick around for a little while, you’ll get upgraded to this level pretty quick, here are the prerequisites:

enter at least 5 topics
read at least 30 posts
spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Here’s what you can do if you reach this level:

use all core functions of MPSocial like:
    upload images and attachments
    send private messages
    flag spam posts
have all new user restrictions removed

User level 2 (Also know as “Member”)

If you really like our community and you are serious about it, you will both learn and share with the others what you have learned you can reach the Member status. Here are the prerequisites for this level:

visit at least 25 days, not sequentially
cast at least 100 likes
receive at least 200 likes ( this means you will have to be helpful and friendly within the community)
reply to at least 150 different topics
enter at least 350 topics (this means read them)
read at least 1500 posts ( a post is a reply, a topic/thread can have many posts)
spend a total of 600 minutes reading posts

I have access, but it’s prohibitively expensive for most. I’m talking $7-10k. Anyone who has the ability to do it in a safe way will probably charge the same if not more :slight_smile:


I found a few networks doing it for $2k :confused:


Are they legit, is the question? :wink:

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Yes they are, they have had 13 transactions positive on another website that’s is in a simiar format to this :slight_smile:
I just recently found them :smiley:
Actually just partnered with one person to sell services :smiley:


With or without all the articles you need? :slight_smile:

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That’s amazing! You may have found a goldmine then :slight_smile:


Well I was told that without articles it’s impossible like you need 10 at least for Instagram and maybe even a wiki page.
For facebook he said I need to find people with 5.

He doesn’t have any pr packages which is a shame because one person on here had that. so I cannot verify my personal instagram but there may be business with like news coverage that could be verified.

I don’t really know if anyone will meet the criteria so i’m hoping to sell the username service which he has for twitter/tiktok/instagram/facebook

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There are people offering this service on BlackHatWorld Forum. You will find them in marketplace.

Ps. Im new to this forum and i dont know if i can mention other forums name. If not allowed please delete this comment. Thanks

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there are plenty of clowns selling for cheap and in most cases they dont deliver

dont expect to get it for 1k USD


Verification is largely dependent on news sources writing about you. Anyone who claims they can get this for you easily is a fool


Yeah, verification is expensive for sure And takes time! News, articles, even a Wikipedia Page about you or The account you want to verify is necessary in most cases! , especially if you are a nobody

Have they tried requesting inside the app? I’m verified and just did that.

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