IG will start verify suspicious accounts with a government ID

If true, this will not be good for the slaves.

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Saw the same on The Verge as well.

lets see how it will be in reality - if its like for customers on time verify them self with ID and they know its a real person and no validation afterwards i would be happy with it :smiley:

yep that’s bad but i don’t think it will apply to all kind of accounts tho

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I agree, the purpose of them doing this is to take down accounts that have to do with the upcoming US presidential election. I read IG’s statement and even they said this will only affect a very small amount of IG users.

With 1/7 of IG accounts being fakes how would such new thing only affect a small amount of accounts? Basically any account that is or has been automated will have to pass verification theoretically. Client management will have no issue eventually since they are real clients 1:1 with a real ID but all else will. Fanpages, memepages, portraitpages, … the list goes on.

Even more how the fucks are they even going to check all that when they cant even keep the disable form from breaking and all covid mess. I read how even though on another note microsoft buying tiktok might be a marketing blessing but it’s a NIGHTMARE having to monitor all traffic that comes to your platform. So how would this be any different if IG cant even keep up with their current lack of employees to do that stuff. Sounds just stupid already, good luck to them

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Yes and a lot of people use IG for that purpose (meme accounts, artsy aesthetic accounts, etc.), so many people would be angry if these types of accounts would be removed, and it would hurt IG’s platform because these accounts drive a lot of traffic. Hopefully they are all bark and no bite.

Pretty much said it. More than anything else, (legitimate) publicity stunt to be on the right side of the election-social media narrative.

But I do see this as an option for them moving forward for dealing with spam in general.

If its limited to a small number of accounts, they must be the lowest quality of them all, & they wouldn’t likely carry out this test for long.

But we’ll know for sure when the first thread opens on the matter


Here is Instagram’s official statement if anyone wants to read it:


I bet after the election this will no longer be their “focus” and they will shift to something else (whatever everyone in the world is talking about.) They are just saying this to please some of the general public, same way they incorporated all the COVID and BLM.


Good for real users, bad for automation. Hopefully we’ll find a way to overcome that :smiley:

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As they started doing this from today, strange thing is happening, shops on different platforms stopped registering traffic from instagram, tested with my own traffic- not visible.

Maybe they should start verifying everyone who gets forced to send in a photo of their ID… free verified accounts for everyone! Absolutely serious btw, even though I know it’ll never happen.

If they force us to give out so much personal information, then returning the favor seems justified. I mean after all they just literally verified that I am who I say I am, so… check mark please.

@ian Pretty sure that would defeat the purpose of the blue check and diminish any status/reputation gain obtained by being verified on IG hahaha

Good, that would be perfect.

As a close second, I’d take immunity to any future account deactivations instead.

Agree to disagree here - if most IG users had a blue check, it would likely no longer mean anything to anyone on the platform. Just my opinion!

Haha, now this would be great!

I guess it does have to mean something to verify the legitimacy of celebrities, there’s really no way to claim “official” beyond that, but otherwise it’s just an ego/popularity contest. It’s too bad there aren’t different tiers. Anyway, don’t want to derail this, let’s hope they don’t start asking for ID’s because it would be so screwed up.

Different tiers would make it interesting. Maybe they can have a blue check for regular users, and a gold check for big-time players/celebs, lol

like buying fake id from China. lol

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This is genuinely the funniest thing I’ve ever seen