IGblade selling your data?

I’m getting a lot of spam lately that is aimed at IG services. I presumed it was to do with my Instagram account. But I don’t have an business or creator account and no email is visible.

I came across this on Reddit.

Is this something to be worried about or am I over reacting?

@SheriffWoody any comment on this?

Are you saying you’re getting spam to the email you used for your IG blade login,

or the email used for your Instagram?

Is that the only service you are using? mostly every smm panel is selling users data

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We are not selling anyone’s email addresses to third parties. The occasional email we send out is always about IGBlade Pro, updates to our tool or the email reports.

The guy on reddit is either confused or doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Just checked the database and we have 0 Business accounts in our database with no followers and email addresses present in their bio.

Monetisation happens from the Pro version of the software, why would we risk our reputation for a few dollars when we are working with large Brands and Agencies?

This is a smear, as simple as that.


I have a guess who this is… Hint: it’s the same person behind this post and the reddit post.

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My email is just being used for day to day. It’s quite old but it hasn’t been used on a public Instagram profile.

It’s just strange that I’m getting spam emails aimed at Instagram all of a sudden.

Not using panels or any services

Thanks for clearing it up, it was a bit worrying to see.

That is all folks – nothing to see here!

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