Imagine you have to start an offline business

All we do is talk about online business here. Lets do something different this weekend!

If you had 50k and you had too start a offline business, what will it be?!!

I would make a company that produces furniture. Furniture thats populair on sites like Pinterest in different country’s and introduce it locally.

What would you do???


My business goals are currently offline, but trying to use online to make it possible, does that count? Either way, if I had to choose a different path I honestly don’t know if I could… the internet and technology is so ingrained in my every waking moment, not sure there would be an alternative beyond something in the woods disconnected from it all.

Actually fuck that, it would be a small craft brewery… but those are so unprofitable that it would be a huge waste of time and mostly a vanity business to make myself and friends good beer, in the woods :rofl:


Not allowed;)


Some of them are very profitable here in Europe/Netherlands!


I think I’d start a CBD store - but I’d 100% use social media to promote it :wink:


I would do something that actually helped people/made their lives better. Probably something to do with manual labor, like snow shoveling (I live in Canada in a retirement town) or maybe personal training for the elderly.


I’m a manager of a large Harley dealer that used to spend a bunch of money on radio & print but now only uses social media for promotion…


You would always work to your strengths, training and natural talent!

Gigolo for me them :joy: :sunglasses:


Move to Holland;)

Nice one!

Would kill for a job like that! (in an other life tho)

been there done that…

(i wish)


Lol yeah Austria is pretty good for that too :wink:

me too!

on a serious note these are massive in the UK, quick paybacks and then profit, profit, profit +the odd claim!!


Here too! my kids love it. You can check the nr s of visits of an ambulance here in holland. 5 times a week for every location is no exception:)


I am growing an offline business, but some other things you can do (I am not giving you ones that could be calling for patents).

Power washing company - fun and easy
Car detailing company - not fun or easy
Organic soap company - easy, cheap, fun, highly marketable done right.
Cold Press juice co
Beer line cleaning company

For another $20-50k you can start your own wireless broadband internet company. Here in the U.S.there is a YUUUGgggeee market and the MRR is amazing.

These are just ones I can think of right away and not the ones I am keeping for myself :wink:


this is a good topic…

I’d probably shadow a few friends who make a good living and see where they spend “dumb money” on. Like expensive things that they don’t think twice about the cost.

Everyone has dumb money, as Dan Kennedy says.

From there I think I could establish a few hobbiest markets, or at least determine the WHO I’d like to market to.

As a separate idea, I am quite interested in doing something in the vegan space. The market is growing rapidly there.

Perhaps a snack product store, or a community-based product like a subscription box of vegan-based foods & items.


btw, about your power washing company idea…

someone could use this:


I’ve seen people build to 1,000+ customers that need power washing done in around a year. At 3 - 4 washes per day, at around $200 a pop thats not bad at all, especially considering the profit margin and startup fees etc.


Probably a weed farm


Micro greens are cheap and easy, and as long as you have a 1 car garage, the right demographic and enough restaurants, you can easily dominate starting out with $50k.

Can’t sell them when they are micro? They grow into salads and herbs. Can’t sell them? Write them off as a donation to a shelter, food bank, or kitchen that serves the less fortunate.


I live in UK and we are just about to take a hit from all that Brexit s*it, people are panicking so buying a small motorboat and smuggling veggies across the channel to sell them for profit seems to be a valid business idea atm :slight_smile:


Microgreens are a great one, and you can also do organic compost and sell it as fertilizer. All you need is the right temperature and food trash like coffee left over and some warm that you can buy online.

Well, that and like you said a garage because I live in an apartment and I don’t think my landlord would be happy with me having a couple hundred worms. He did say no pets allowed.


I‘d probably start looking into the weed industry. Everywhere it’s legal, people are making a killing. I‘ve mit multimillionaires selling fertilizer for growing it. I think there is plenty of money to be made there.

Otherwise, something super traditional like a house cleaning company or something like that