Imagine you have to start an offline business


haha this made me laugh


Reality is sometimes funny :joy:


That and climbing too! I think it’s called rock up.

Basically anything softplay like with the area for parents looks like a hit in UK atm


I feel weird. I can’t even imagine doing something that is completely offline


Nothing is completely offline


Id probably start my religion or a cult. Whatever you’d call it , something like jehovah witnesses.
An easy way to get the ball rolling could be building some shelters for the less fortunate people, and in exchange for living there they should go door to door telling people about how this new religion is helping them.
Of course before dying i would disclose that all of it was a hoax.
Now after writing this i realized that even if id tell people that its a hoax they would probably say shit like i was possesed by a demon, because thats how religion works - by ignoring the facs.


Damn. You seem to love religion lol :wink:


You forgot to ask your followers for all their earthly possessions (they will be compensate on the other side, in heaven or on another planet, depends on the voodoo you’re selling them).

Running a cult is pretty expensive, administration costs (exclusive cars and weed) aren’t cheap these days.


A banana stand :banana::banana::banana::banana:

There’s always money in the banana stand


Then upsell to organic bananas

For those on the go, a basic banana shake with “protein” add-ons.


Organic, free range, sustainable, cruelty free bananas.

Man. There’s no limit to what you could add on.

Banana frappe
Banana whip
Banana pudding
Banana cream pie
Banana sandwiches
Banana ice cream

The whole thing is bananas!

Seriously though. I might make a damn banana stand!

In the U.S. we are so used to the cavendish banana.

In south and Central America there is so many kinds of crazy.

Sweet ones,
Sour ones
Tiny ones
Huge ones
Ones that are orange colored

I bet you could kill it.

Also, new idea for those of us in the U.S.

Bongo bingo!


Tea business near high school or college. It’s 99% water.

There’s a guy in my city who owns a couple tea shops. He just got caught at the airport with $150K cash in his carry on, heading to Korea.


I dont know man, I heard that it gets destroyed every summer


I’ll probably open restaurants and gyms.

I own a SMMA and I got crazy results for those 2 niches if I do what I did for myself that would be crazy





Then why not get started now? That’s the beauty! It’s also why I chose to go offline. Originally I was going to continue to travel. It’s still an option and one we will be doing in the next 5 years. But either way I look at both as “mailbox money”. That is, money I literally do nothing for and receive a high MRR.


I’d open a gym. There will always be a market for gyms, especially local gyms. Golds Gym prices keep rising, and they lack powerlifting equipment. The golds I lift at only has 2 squat racks and no deadlifting platforms. A local powerlifting gym with a sub $50/mo fee would do very well. I’ve only been to one powerlifting/bodybuilding focused gym in my entire state. It’s mostly franchises.


If you had the money, you could create your own “Anytime Fitness” model and franchise it. Not that long ago an Anytime fitness franchise would have cost you only $25,000 TOTAL to get in on. Now you need massive assets just to get the rights to one.

But I like the gyms and that you can go anytime and not need to talk to anyone. Plus it was low cost, never busy.


Create a company and bring this to the states. Even at a local level you could easily make a decent profit by hosting enough.


I have spoken to one of the sprinters from Team GB a few weeks ago when we were shooting a video together and he mention that gyms are on the rise, especially those with dedicated customer service.

The company booked a gym in central London for the purpose of the shooting and it looked great. Concierge-like service, personal trainers knew everyone’s names and assisted during your training every day, not once a month.

The place was just opened and it costs £400 a month per person. I don’t know if this would be possible outside of London in the UK, but I couldn’t believe how many people already signed for it and it was the first week since they opened.