Imagine you have to start an offline business


That might work in NYC or LA. I believe Bradley Martyn opened a fairly pricey gym near LA, and marketed it to his fans and it’s doing well. There’s another place near LA called Barbell Brigade and I’m pretty sure it’s $100+ a month. It could work, but only in the right location with a famous brand or fitness influencer promoting it!


Nope, there are tons of midsize gyms like this. Truefit is one of them. They need more free weights, squat racks and all that, but they are $100 a month and they sell like hotcakes. That’s still cheap for a comparable gym in LA or NYC.


The guy I was talking to, Harry Aikines-Aryeetey, is a pretty famous sprinter here in the UK so if he put his name on the brand, it will be more than likely to be successful.

From what I have seen in that gym we went to, most of the customers were getting ready for marathons, coming back from injuries etc. so quite different than ordinary gym.

A famous name on the logo will defo bring you customers through the door at the beginning, than it’s customer service, equipment etc.

Anyway, that banana stand that @wortime mentioned sound more like something I could afford, but in the UK it would be pretty much any fruits and veggies that can be smuggled across the Channel, especially after 29.03 :slight_smile:


The banana stand is a joke, but I could see someone pull it off and make it into a killer Juice Stand.

If you are, or know someone that has celebrity status, it’s very easy to open Gym’s etc. Running it for them is very profitable and you can license etc easily. It’s all about branding at that point and that’s it. Operationally it’s very easy to do.


Yeah, maybe across the pond :wink: If the UK leave EU without a deal, it will become a valid business idea :slight_smile:

That’s true, quite a few famous people put their names on a business and just take a profit. It works in different industries too, especially restaurants.


Speaking of this, have you heard about all the Soulja boy stuff? Man was drop shipping chinese game consoles on his website and calling them Soulja Game Consoles lmao. He did it with a phone too. People actually were dumb enough to buy them.


Never heard of it, but just watched a video of him and went through a few articles. It’s like Fyre festival all over again :slight_smile:


He was keeping it real.

Still doing better than fiddy.


There is a 2nd being planned, and run, by none other than Ja Rule as well.


When I’ve seen a document about it on Netflix, I couldn’t believe that people fall for that despite all the red lights, but from the other hand it was like a travel agency brochure, all pretty until you actually get there.

Their business model works a little like Michael O’Leary’s from Ryanair - (Any publicity is good, because it’s free advertising). I will be defo keeping an eye on this one then. :slight_smile:


The question is, how can I short this?

Either way there is money to be made, but I don’t particularly care for raw capitalism.


I only keep a tab on these things, because they are silly/funny imo. I wouldn’t go that far myself. :slight_smile:


In order to short something, there needs to be another person going long. So you better start looking for someone that is hyped up enough to go long on this one lol. Riskfree money



hey keadds…would you mind share your marketing funnel ? you use chatbots ?


Saw this this morning… perhaps this could potentially be another viable side business in the next year.

Buy 10 Teslas that drive themselves, each profits $30k per year, and easily generate $300k in automated income.


I would start something in the CBD/Weed niche. Once it gets legalized federally here in the US there is going to be a yuge boom. Its already starting to pickup with more and more states legalizing it. Its probably going to change our whole economy honestly. Hemp/CBD/Weed can be used for so many things. Paper, medicine, clothing, shoes, fabric, etc. the list goes on and on.

The question is, will it ever be legalized federally? Find out next on the US’s stupid laws that make no sense :slight_smile:


It was legalized here in Canada around November and nothing has changed. The economy hasn’t benefited (in fact it’s been in a rapid decline), etc. as legalization doesn’t = more smokers. People who smoke weed illegally will be the same people smoking legally and vice-versa. As far as CBD oils, etc. go, that’s a little different as most doctors don’t automatically prescribe these things to patients- they prescribe things that are more proven already.

(Just wanted to chime in from a country that recently legalized to give an accurate view on things, not the hyped-up view)


Colorado legalized marijuana in 2014 (not medicinal which has been around for much longer) and we along with other states that have legalized marijuana definitely have a boom.

We have a lot of hurdles, and I am sure that if it was legalized Nationally the boom would die down. Currently marijuana tourism brings in a lot of taxes which they are finally using for things they should be using it for.

Very conservative people who have never used marijuana before because it was illegal will come here and try it for the first time even if they are in their 60’s and up. It’s funny to see grandma sparking a joint walking down the street.

Vacation over? They go back to their home state and plan another trip to come back and smoke more. But since it’s illegal in their homestates they are very against the legalization of it.

TL;DR, Americans are stupid and weird about this kind of thing.


I would continue doing what i’m doing.
My profile picture is actually me on recording session lol. That’s around 2 or 3 years ago.

I would continue playing keyboards.