Impossible IG growth

Hi everyone,

I would like to share with you a question from a good customer and get your ideas and feedback on how this growth is possible.

Note: The account “seems” to be from a photographer in US, no name, no email, no contact info, nothing on IG. But checking the posts, we found that the “models” are tagging this account very often.

Note2: You can find that each post is reposted by 6-7 accounts.

I Don’t share the account due to the kind of pictures displayed, not sure how IG haven’t banned it yet.

No problem to share it via DM. Thanks!

I think this phenomenon is quite normal.

quiet normal to grow between 1500 and 5000 followers per day??

paid shoutouts in bulk, probably some high-level MS with buttload of money spent on growth via

  • paid shoutouts
  • ads? probably
  • super expensive “fake” giveaways

and bunch of other stuff I cannot name in lvl 1 thread :smiley:


As the say, “Content is the king”, especially if it’s ass.

Well organized operation. It could be an agency running accounts for all these models and doing the work to create one huge account which will provide value back to the small ones later.

  • paid shoutouts --> we cannot check it
  • ads? probably --> so far we couldn’t find any sponsored post
  • super expensive “fake” giveaways --> NO

you can DM me some of the other stuff, could help me to give a complete answer to a good client, he won’t ever go for this growth anyway. Thanks!

Yeah, we believe the same.

the engagement is shit, do not you think those followers are bought? I have very good quality fotographers and they can grow up to 50 followers per day with F/U. Those numbers are insane.

Se.y content thats how he grow 99%. With that amount of followers all you need is to post some attractive asses and models and thats it. Probably get some free shoutouts too from reposting …

ye, they rank on hashtags + S4S
I got only with story views 400 new followers a day on 1k account

what kind of story make you 400 followers ?

1 or 2 hashtags max, they don’t rank and most of the time they used banned ones.

DM me pls about story views.

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I don’t think is shit, 8-10K likes per post. in a few minutes.

8-10k likes per post in a few mins is definitely fishy

we totally agree, for that reason we wanted to have this topic with all of you, to brainstorm and discuss ideas.

I’m with you, same situation with my personal account with mediocre content and multiple models tagging me a week, can’t even hit 25 daily at the moment.

So as others have mentioned, it’s gotta be a focused shoutout campaign combined with other things. Unless of course this photographer in question is posting nudes and what not, and featured in a bunch of magazines with 1m+ followers per account on a daily/weekly basis, which is just a shoutout anyway.

Funny thing is, if you start a “babe” account now, IG will ban it. But all those accounts that already have 300k+ followers get a pass.

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nice but how do you get so many followers per day , what do you do ?

story views bot