Impossible Instagram Verification Loop


This option works 100%. Corrected already more than 50 accounts


Followed the steps, but when clicking the last link
that pops up, doesn’t lead to the last screenshot you have uploaded


Thank you very much man!
This method works, I’ll try to share your post on other threads about this problem!


You’re definitely doing something wrong. Check carefully the steps


This isn’t working for me. I followed all your steps multiple times, and it still only redirects me to confirm you own this account.


WOAH IT WORKED!!! IM BACK IN. Thanks so much bro, I was just doing it wrong the first time. Preach


Which step were you doing wrong?


Hi! Question here. :slight_smile: Does it have to be done from a computer or can be done from a phone?

I just downloaded Opera w built-in VPN on my Mac. So I did it all via my Mac. Didn’t work somehow.

Also, what did you mean by “choose any location” in Step 2? Where do i need to choose location?

Thank you so much!


It worked for me Thank you so much! I waited 2 days without login and after I downloaded Opera and I followed the steps and worked perfectly :smiley: Thank you so much


Ok update to my earlier comment. It finally worked! Yay thank you so much! :smiley: I hope no scary glitch happens again. Because yesterday morning I did got to log in … and then after a few hours the same login loop problem happened again… until I found this.


Can it be done on the phone ?


It worked from desktop for me. So, I recommend you to try from your desktop :smiley:


i will try thjis today


how to do?to make it wroked


Thanks :slight_smile: Will try from desktop


How many times did you have to reset your password until it worked?


Everything works well. Sometimes you need 6-7 times to reset the password to receive this letter


Wow. After the 7th try it worked I’m so stoked lol. Thank you!!

Your Request Couldn’t be Processed

hi i got this message

after that.its direct me to this notification
and i still get

i tried so many time.more than 10x but still got issue.


I’m also still having problems. For sure I’m missing something. Can those who were successful provide more details?

  • Did you use a VPN
  • Are you doing this from mobile or desktop?
  • Are you using browser or Instagram App?

Every time I reset my password, I just get an email that A new Device Has Logged In. No confirmation email that my password has been changed.