Impossible Instagram Verification Loop


I used a VPN.

From my Laptop.

Had to do it 6-7 times before it worked.


Seems working but I cannot do something in my profile, like change my bio, and put my profile from private to public and cannot see like notification, do you know how much have I to wait?


im still getting “Help Us Confirm Your own this account” after 10times. still getting issue


The real questions however is why is that happening. I received an AC about a month ago after getting 508 errors and then I reset device ids. Since then it goes into this login loop that almost always results in AC. Anyone have any ideas what’s causing this?


me too :frowning: I tried that solution 5-6 times and it doesn’t work for me. I enter a page where it asks for a code delivered via email or via sms, I enter the code and I am back at the Login/Sign Up scree. If I enter the new password, I’m back in the Help Us Confirm loop


Ok I’m going to try this now but I will say my experience is the same as all other users with this stupid glitch error. Anyone know what is causing this?? Going to try your method now though I really hope it works. It has been doing this on and off every three days or so I can get in for a day or two then it kicks me out for three days. Ugh!!


You need to click on “secure your account here” and after confirm the data and all


I wrote everything in detail. Yes, you do. And through Opera there is a built-in VPN. Are you using the browser version of Instagram


It’s just a lag on Instagram. Nothing more


Yes, I’ve downloaded Opera browser on my laptop and turned on the VPN and navigate to instagram’s website. I click forgot password and enter my email. And I always receive the Reset Your Password email. I’ve reset many times but never got the email that Your password has been changed.


Can i do it on android ? There is no option for location on the android opera app. Please help. I enabled vpn but how to set location ?


Worked here, i had to access the link over the VPN to work. Made the acc just to reply this, maybe help someone. Thanks


Reset your password 6-10 times until you receive an email. If you don’t. Let the account lie down for 7-10 hours. After try to repeat the procedure with another browser and another VPN extension in it


Do just through the browser on Android, pre-putting on your phone VPN. I think it should work


help us confirm loop. always direct here


Hello sir ! You are a saviour. I was struggling for over a month. I tried your method and it actually worked. Thanks thanks thanks. God bless you !


I am having the same exact issue. I tried using Opera with built in VPN turned on in Opera. I reset my password and I get an email that looks like that but takes me to that same page you get with the red “This field is required” I then make a new password and it’s the loop all over again. Please help! What am I doing wrong?? Anyone?


What did you do to get yours to work?? I have been trying this method for three days and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong :sob:


Yes ! I downloaded opera mini with built in vpn on my android device. After that just enable vpn from settings in the app. Now when you want to browse do it in a private tab. Then browse instagram and click the forgot password option. You will get a link to reset. After resetting you will get a mail that your password was changed. Then click the secure your account option in that mail. A form will open where you will verify and submit the details. You will be able to access. Now the thing is that it can take around 5 - 10 rounds of changing password. It really worked for me. Just make sure vpn is enabled and you are browsing in a private tab. Everything has to be done in private tab only. Access your mail from there only. Now i did it from my android device. It worked. I hope it works for you also. All the best !


I followed the instructions but either I get “Oops there is an error” or it just redirects me to change my password for the second time. Here’s what I did;

  1. Open VPN active private Chrome tab via computer.
  2. Go Instagram web page and send me a “Forgot Password” link.
  3. Change my passwkord via the VPN active private tab.
  4. Then copy/past the “Secure my account” link on my password change confirmation email to another private VPN tab.

Is there something that I do wrong?