Increase the amount of story views

hii friends i see that alot of people haveing the same problem like me
for example
having 20k accounts and the story viewing is very low about 1000 views
and yes 1000 views for 20k its very low
im see alot of account (not using jarvee to grow) and accounts the is 2k 3k 4k haveing 1500+ views

so i try alots of things and to talk the truth noting as help
i have 19k account and i have on the best time 1100 views and its shit

so someone say to try view alots of people story’s and by that it make more people to see my story, agine it not work
but new i get to the point …

yesterday i asked for someone to view my story (it one more why that i try to increase the story views)
and on my Instagram i never see this man story
but when this man watch my story and reply on it
the magic work
when he do it right on the spot his story jumps to my front story’s and now i see is story’s

so my conclusion by that is …
if we want to increase the story views we have to engage other people story’s !

i hope i helped to all that try to increase the story’s viewers
tall me if you try it and its work for you
best day to you all its the best forum i love to read and learn from you all :hugs:


Interesting, gonna try it!

Like view stories of own followings in Jarvee? 200-400 views daily

So on top of viewing your story, he replied to it via DM?

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yes i opened a group inside Instagram and i ssnd my story there


Awesome,thank you for sharing!

I view at least 100 stories manually a day, it hasn’t done anything for my own views imo.

Have you been commenting on the stories? Some people say that it helps but haven’t tried it myself (yet).

I occasionally reply to close friends, but otherwise no.

you have to leave a comment on the story, if you don’t leave comments you don’t do anything

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thank man, I’ll try

Any updates on this strategy?

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