How to reactive your old followers 2021

Yes, the biggest problem of follow/unfollow strategy is how to get more actions from the new followers apart from following you :hear_no_evil:

Some people talk about the after follow option (for new followers) and, in concrete, like after follow but it is a really bot action combination (I think only follow = less blocks). Maybe I should try it but in a really low level, could work.

What I started yesterday (after some months reaching 150-190 follow per day)was the like tool. Could somebody tell me which is the limit and times in 2021 PLEASE? I started with this:

Did you get better results using different run timers or using the tool follow and like at the same time? Thank you.

Apart from that and getting back to the topic, the only option to “bind” through interactions your profile (I mean doing this in order to make your posts visible to your followers and increase your engagement) with the new followers is interacting more than only doing follow. So…how to set the tools to interact with your own followers?:


1 Follow tool: After follow actions but just a few actions to make more credible that only follow as I said. I only use like and view stories after follow. I think that it is even better use each tool independent from other and not like this because it results in blocks.

2 Follow back: I prefer to do it manually because some new followers are shops.

3 Unfollow: A lot of thread about this in this forum. Everybody concluded that its worst for the engagement to remove a lot of non interact-users/bots. Yes, could be really sad remove 2000 bots suddenly but I thinks is better in a long term for your engagement. When you scrape/extract additional info from your followers how do you detect they are bots or the non engaged user in order to remove them?. My purpose is to execute all the tools/actions addressed to my current followers so maybe even removing some user that I’m pretty sure they are not going to interact with me, I get better engagement after execute all the tools of this thread because it has feedback (this doesn’t happen if you interact with the bots that are following you).

4 Like tool: Could somebody tell me how to like people who liked my post?. Should I introduce the link of my post in the like tool inside the source options in the “like posts of users that interacted with posts on target posts” option?. Also I would like always to like the new posts of certain users, those who really interact with my posts, If I add a name on “like post of specific user” it only like the new posts? . More questions… :sweat_smile: geolocation tools works in an independent way from other selected sources? I mean, I would like to apply always the geolocation but in combination with other, is it possible?.

5 Comment tool: I never used it. Maybe could be a good idea using good spintax [Guide] Building complex spintax of course, try to send DMs to a big parts of your follows trying to say: HI I STILL ALIVE REMEMBER? and see who interact and who not? Perhaps :laughing: Again, PLEASE, limits in 2021, timers and all the sht? Arigato :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

6 Repost… well you can repost some pics but is inviable if you want to maintain the interaction through this option with a lot of users. Maybe with the most engaged could be useful or even with really popular instagramers.

7 Like comments: is a fantastic tool for getting new followers but we are talking about is to maintain the interaction, not about getting a bigger follower number. Probably like own posts comments increase the engagement with your currents real followers. I prefer answer the comments manually and to ask for whatever to get new comments.

8 Story viewer: this text written by @porianl Increase the amount of story views can help a lot. Limits in 2021 PLEASE? The option reply to story after view with spintax probably work great to reactive your engagement and interaction with your own followers?.

9Mentions: I remember that I read about mentions but also I don’t know about the current f limits :laughing:

The combination of all this tool and other you can suggest I think could reactive you engagement with you current followers.

About limits I have this info from @Luca THANKS A LOT


But, actually the beginning of this low interaction with new followers got from follow/unfollow method happens because you didn’t choose the correct sources of followers. I always add users scraped with 100-1000 followers (this guarantee your post would be showed in their dashboard), with no urls attached to their profiles, from followers of other known instagramer from my niche and I’m not sure about what more should I check? PLEASE HELP. SOS. :joy:

If you want to answer one question THANK YOU, if you want to answer 2 questions THANK YOU TWICE!!! If you don’t know how to answer any question, then, you are even more lost than me… :joy:

If you don’t want to share all your knowledge through this thread you can send me a DM, I’m a really discreet person (hahahahahaha). I sent some (a lot of) questions but also I shared what I know and tested, so if you want to click the heart I’m not going to say no.


15.000 actions per month sounds a bit to much, depending on the account. Try to stay under 10.000 actions per month and if you do not encounter any issues with that, increase those settings.

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how did you get this number?

Testing, experience, and customer feedback :slight_smile:

If someone else comes up with an even lower number in this thread, go with that and see if you can reach it without any issues.

7.500 would be probably a safer bet and a good start.

Also do not forget that Instagram does the hard punishment not on fixed days or daily. You can compare it with a rubber band you are trying to stretch until it snaps. But in this case, you do not know when it will snap :sweat_smile:

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Cool! And do you know where I can check who is following me daily (or the number) and also how many actions I performance daily or monthly. Tanks again man! :slight_smile:

those settings seem to be good, you can increase the time between operation if you like and the time between likes and keep it under 200

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You are running the like tool for only 2.5 hours with these settings. As you can see below, the estimator shows that the maximum number of likes the account will do is 26 likes per day. It will not reach 150 likes per day since you don’t set the number of actions to increase daily. You need to add more execution time intervals to let the tool run longer than 2.5 hours and like more posts to achieve your daily goal.

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Thank you Luca. Do you use like and follow tool at the same time? :slight_smile:

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Thank you Ossi. Yes I know, Im going to use it gradually because blocks, but my question is do you use follow and like tool at the same time? :slight_smile:

i do have them both enabled, i make sure using timers that when an operation of follow is happening in the time between follow operations a like operation will happen that way the account look more natural it’s like scrolling via phone following users and liking others

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