Infinite loop "Help us confirm you own this account"


Just noticed the link in bio is not showing/is removed from the account.


can confirm that link in Bio seems to be causing issues.


I don’t have link in bio on any of my profiles, that’s not the problem


How can we remove it if we can’t get into the account.

Might not be causing the issue but it isn’t showing on my profile anymore when I had one there.


so another brand new issue? I guess most of the people got once atleast from massive accounts they are operating.


Yea and if it’s permanent, this is worse than getting disabled. At least there are steps to unban your account.


Same problem and my accounts are not any link in the bio.
I think it’s a bug from Instagram, after couple days it will disappear I guess!


I think there are some people here who have had this problem since July and August and still have not been able to access their accounts :confused:


It’s happen to my account and don’t know how to solve it…
how to report about this problem to instagram? I think it’s a bug…


This happened to my account a few hours ago. Full access to emails and phone number but still cant access account. Reset my passwrod a few times but it takes me to this confirm you own the account page. Hope it’s a glitch that gets fixed.


This happened to my account a few hours ago


This started happening to me last night randomly. I’ve tried to submit the help request form but then get an invalid parameter error. Let’s hope it’s a bug that can get sorted.


I have had my instagram password changed & logged me out yesterday. I got it back & changed the password only to wake up today to the infinite loop of “help me confirm you own this account”. I’ve tried logging in via FB// email reset password, changing vpn, logging in on different device/phone. Still getting error messages


Did you use a 4g proxy?


Did you use a 4g proxy?
I used a data center proxy.


Ugh, looks like more people are getting affected by this. I left it alone for 2-3 days since I wrote here and still have the same problem.


Did you use a 4g proxy?
I used a data center proxy.


many more of my accounts have same problem and cant method to bypass it :frowning:


I’ve got this error too. And seems like there is no solution for now.


Reset device?
Change Proxy?
Clear Cookies?
Nothing helps?