Infinite loop "Help us confirm you own this account"


Today I tried to get back to my account that I haven’t used for a while and was greeted with this message: Help us confirm you own this account

IG sends login link to email, I click it and there’s this message again: Help us confirm you own this account. I attached the screenshot.

Account is not botted, not spam, so definitely not blocked.
Anyone had this issue? Any ideas how to fix this? Thank you!


I’d try clearing all cookies. Or using a private browser window. Log into your email from the web browser, click the link, login into Instagram from the browser.

Could just be a browser glitch or a bad link being interpreted wrong going from email to IG app.


Thanks! Tried this, still not working :slightly_frowning_face:

Their “get help logging in” button leads to IG help section, but seems like there’s no way to contact IG about the issue?

Try “Forgot Password” from the website and have your password reset. Perhaps that’ll count as proofing you own the account in a different way than the link you’ve been clicking on.

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Already tried resetting the password 2 times, after reset there’s always that Help Us Confirm You Own This Account screen again

Do you know any option to report this glitch to IG?

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And I’m assuming you’ve tried deleting the Instagram app completely off the phone and reinstalling and then trying to login again?

Did you happen to link your Facebook account to the Instagram? If so then there is another way to reset the account thru Facebook.

Here is the FAQ I found:

Thanks, yes, tried that too.
Sadly not connected to FB

I guess I’ll just try again in few days. I reported the issue via “report a problem” from active account, wonder if they read these reports. :thinking:

Have you managed to solve this issue? Couple of accounts have the same problem for some time.

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I had this problem when setting up brand new accounts with no automation on, and set up a thread but no on ever found a fix for it i’m afraid so i just lost the accounts.

Im assuming there has been so solution? I am dealing with this issue now.

im facing this problem too, anyone found solution?

are the handles publicly alive?

Yes, accounts looks normal when visited (with posts and everything)

Only difference is if you have added an URL to your profile, it doesn’t show on bio when you have this kind of a login loop. So, it seems like an EV.

This problem just hit me on one of my accounts now. I’m trying to login from phone and computer browser. I have access to the email and phone number where they keep sending the emails/SMS to reset password and then it goes back to the pop up “help us confirm you own this account”. I’ve tried clearing cookies/cache on mobile phone.

Hopefully it’s a glitch…

Wtf is this, I just got hit on 20 accounts with this, I know email I know password, and it’s asking me to confirm it over and over, did anyone fix this?

Is this happening to Clients Accounts?

No, just random accounts that I used for liking

Is Instagram Automation still worth the effort?

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Ouch. Happening only on 1 of my accounts - a personal account. No fix yet for me. It’s been 2 days. Left it alone for a day and just tried again but it is still giving me the loop.