Infinite loop "Help us confirm you own this account"


Done all of that. In fact Reset Device ID seems to be a trigger for one of the accounts because the account got into the loop just after resetting device id in order to get rid of action block.


Try to use this solition guys. I hope it’ll helps you.


Thanks for the video. On the video where they click “get more help” for the second time, it takes them to a helpful form to submit a request to instagram. For us, it takes us to instagram’s help center on their website. Just a bunch of articles with no way to contact instagram.


Hello somebody solved it? I’m in the same situation from Friday, I had link to my website on the bio, I work with my ig account, please if somebody solved tell me


I have been facing it from the past one month. No solution yet


Can u please help ? I need help


Did you watch the video above?


I was finally able to request a 6 digit code to my email. When I input that on my phone I regained access.


Really?? How??


This worked for me thank you so much!!!


I got my account back, and from 1 hour same situation, again, like the past saturday. What’s happening again?


Just happened to me again. Can’t get out of the loop this time.


The exact thing happened to me too. First happened to my account on Tuesday. Then this morning managed to log back in via the method mentioned in the above 4 posts. Then just an hour ago got locked back out again. Receiving the same loop again.

Whats going on? Is this a major glitch or some sort of hack?


Same here, I solved doing this steps ONLY from IOS (android not working):

  1. Click Password Forgot
  2. put Username
  3. Click I need more assistance
  4. Send sms
  5. and follow instructions


I have not been able to get in at all for 2 weeks. I have an Android, will try using iOS.


I wish I could request sms. I’m currently outside the country and don’t have access to my main phone number, only email.


Im getting this same error if someone has a fix please let me know, I really do not want my account to be permanently like this. Nothing is working…


i got almost 30% my account… and until now still not fix it


I tried this but whenever I put the sms code in, I just get an error and a try again message.


here’s the solution