Influencer marketing Brandambassador

I saw it on a Norwegian Tv program last year about Entrepreneurship, the team behind the App is Onepiece they decided to create this app after figuring out the power of social media

They launched a campaign where hey asked all their followers on their fan page to change their profile picture. To a picture of them wearing one of their jumpsuits zipped all away up, resulting in over 20k people changed their profile picture And they doubled their fan page followers over a weekend

After this campaign the came up with an idea on how to leverage social media, the people would come into one of their physical stores and they could see how many followers they have on social media in total and they will get a discount based on how many followers they had

By doing that they also signed up for their brand ambassador program, where they told people to share a picture from their store in return they would get $20 in discount

A lot of brands are being to advertise becoming an “brand ambassador”, but they structure the programs poorly that make it not to exciting to become part of. It’s a good effort by these brands/business to push for exposure/product advert with minimal cost but the quailty of content is terrible.

intelligent way of promotion! Another evidence that you dont have to f/u to get followers…

Yes, actually I only f/u certified accounts in my personal brand account because people don’t like to be unfollowed and because of a glitch in the algorithm. My mentor told me about 3 years ago