Influencer Marketing Platforms

Hi guys, I would like to have a feedback from who is using or have used a platform, app or tool to connect with brands and people looking for influencers to promote their product.

Which one you prefer and why?

-Collective Bias

Which deals you were able to get?

Thanks to evryone!

I never tried services like these, but I will bump this one for you and see if someone else can give us more details about those platforms.

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I bump this again, i have grown one profile from one Friend and im thinking to add him on some platform like this, anybody has an experience?

I tried several of them, joining with Legit accounts, from 60k to 110k followers, never had a task from them.
I believe you need at least 200k-300k followers to get some paid taks.

And they look more for Fashion Bloggers more than anything.

With which type of Accounts did you try? I have read in most of their T&C that accounts need to be Personal ones.

Publicfast ( is a good platform, it has ~93K active influencers and it’s the most enjoyable service I’ve used so far. I mean, the managing interface is quite effective and user-friendly and they have various plans which is REALLY convenient. Strange it wasn’t mentioned here.

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