Instagram 3.8 Million Followers | How to monetize?

:slight_smile:Well, some small intro:

A few years ago i have started my own “ig network”. I used only follow/unfollow method. Never bought any ads, paid shoutouts, bots, never used any engagement groups and etc.

At first to grow my accounts was like a pain (but really to say even for now nothing has changed).
I had ups and downs. I tried a lot of different softwares (about more than 15), different VDS, different proxy sellers IPv4,IPv6, even created my own proxy - pls do not do that ever )

And finally, after some time i almost automated my accs growing. (almost cause still now i check manually every pic/video + caption i post to my accs (posting of course via software)

:smiling_imp:As my topic says - now i have 3.8 (maybe more) millions of TOTAL followers.

I have different niches: travel/fashion/cars/outfit/hot girls/sport and etc
Each of my account has 50K+ real followers

And guess what … ?

  • I do not know how to monetize my accounts. Really - I’m not joking :smile:

Maybe someone will say: “create own ig network is much harder than monetize it” - maybe but looks like not for me.
Right now I’m a little bit stuck - and do not know what to do the next

I tried some “Influencer Marketing Platform” like famebit and etc - i got a few hundred bucks and stoped that, cause in platforms like that you should add each of your account manually. You cant add all of your accs in a one click. Also you have to check every PM of your accs - all of that makes a lot of difficulties

Selling shoutouts ? Maybe, but i do not know how to do that:
How to find people who wants to buy it? Where to find them ? And etc

So guys if you have any ideas according to my question - please share )

P.s. in this case i do not want to use any CPA methods, cause using that makes a lot of accs banned. Im looking for some “white” methods

Thanks in advance :sunglasses:


Considering you took out almost every way of making money on Instagram, Im not sure how you can monetize your 3.8 Million followers there man lmao. And I doubt there is any other good white methods beyond any you listed, There are only greasy methods in which I do not condone. [quote=“Verona, post:1, topic:7556”]
Influencer Marketing Platform" like famebit and etc - i got a few hundred bucks and stoped that, cause in platforms like that you should add each of your account manually. You cant add all of your accs in a one click. Also you have to check every PM of your accs - all of that makes a lot of difficulties

I would be willing to do this in a heartbeat lol, couple hundred bucks for posting and checking PM’s or manually adding accounts to a platform consider it done lmao, but thats not what i have in my plan so its not something i want to persue really.

If you use massplanner I would start sending messages (obviously with a LOT of spintax) to people based on Follower count, I would aim for anyone in those account niches and literally just try to get them to engage in conversation and pick apart their account what your shoutout can do for em and make the shout out sale.

I think CPA is scammy and shit so thats out of the question anyways…

Anyway. Super tired, and finally stoned. Hope I was of any assistane bud.

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Obviously you’re not interested in CPA. I totally understand that, it can look bad for your accounts and I wouldn’t do that too if I had that many followers. CPA is more for accounts that you don’t care :slight_smile:

Have you thought about affiliate offers? You said you have travel, fashion, cars…

For travel, you can try hotel affiliate offers, for fashion accounts, maybe some amazon affiliate program.

Cars… Well, I doubt you can sell a car there, but surely you can sell some car accessories (amazon affiliate again).


You are very brave to come here and admit you don’t know how to monetize these numbers… I admire you for that :slight_smile: And… it’s a step in the right direction!

There are definitely a lot more ways to make money from IG than just CPA offers…

I would suggest:

  • Affiliating if you are trying to make it passive. You can go either to Clickbank, Shareasale, Amazon and other platforms where you can promote other people’s products. Clickbank is great cause you can promote a lot of different niches. You will need a landing page for each account, promoting a product or a service, and send them to your affiliate link after signing up (and you collect emails while you at it)
  • If you don’t care about being a little more active, you can try and set up campaigns on Teespring, Redbubble or other similar Print On Demand websites. You can choose any niche you have, preferably passionate ones, and create tee or mug designs in those niches. You can get design inspirations from Pinterest.
  • Same idea as above but you can build an actual dropshipping store with your own brand, using Printful, ArtOfWhere,, etc. This is for a long-term monetization, you will need to create your own designs.
  • You can join the hype of dropshipping with Aliexpress and Shopify, but I sense this market is getting saturated on many niches and the competition is tough.
  • If you have writing skills, set up blogs in those niches and drive traffic to your blog by setting call to actions in your post, and monetize it with ads and affiliate links.

These are some basic ideas for IG, you might wanna look on more ways to make money online… These free ebooks are everywhere and could get you with some more inspiration. :slight_smile:

Best of luck!


Congrats! I Think you can make good money with influencer marketing and power likes! PM me for a brainstorming!

Shayne gave you some very good ideas there, personally I think I’d go with the last one though, you don’t necessarily need writing skills, outsource the writing and create some long lasting properties for you. Drive traffic from IG to those and you have a long term whitehat income source.

why not do it here, that way everyone will benefit :wink:


Sure! I’m new here but I think you all knows power likes, a 3.8M network can be powerful, and growth services can be sold easily up to $500/month.
You can also network with other pages and keep growing fast!

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I can help with your question on selling shoutouts, Shoutouts for a page that size can be sold for a crap ton of money.

Pages at 300k for instance a gaming page I know sells them for about $20 an hour and $75 for 24 hrs. You can make a ton of money through shoutouts.

How you get people to buy them just have something in your bio like " Biz Kik: (Your Kik Messenger Username)

People know what it means and will message your Kik or email you if you put a email, and people who want to buy shoutouts or offer business deals for your acct will message your or email you.

And with a page that size shoutouts could be done multiple times a day, and a page your size you could be charging like $100 an hour if not more depending on your engagement from your page fans. It’s crazy how much you can make through shoutouts.


Also, as I think I saw someone else mention you could use the spin syntax to send people DM’s randomly telling them you sell shoutouts and just wait to get replies from people and have them talk to you about prices :slight_smile:

Can you give your your list of niches/account?

If there’s a chance of your followers buying mugs/apparels, we could try to jv this, I create mugs/tshirt, then you give the shout out and see where we can go from there

Hi, thanks for reply.
Affiliate programs sounds interesting, but what the difference between affiliate offers and CPA offers - i guess its almost the same.

Or you mean i should cooperate on a straight line ?

You advice to use Amazon affiliate program - is it related for example to Aliexpress program?
Is it works like : ?

  1. Signup to affilate program
  2. Get you own link
  3. User follow your link, buy some goods - you get your fee

If I’m right - i do not feel the difference between affiliate programs and CPA offers

Of course i can, but really to say - now I’m not looking for selling good like mugs/tshirt

All my pages have engagement ratio about 2-3%
100k followers - 2k-3k likes per photo

What is reasonable price for shoutouts with that engagement ?

About kik/email contacts - i guess much better to use email, cause its pretty ease create you own email (using domain) and than create a lot of “sub” emails like and so on. Than redirects all emails to the main email

The main idea of doing that: 1) Each account will have unique bio description 2) I guess more interested users will contact via email rather than KIK

Maybe I’m wrong maybe not ))

And the last one for today)
I got an a crazy idea - what about selling all my network (all my accounts) ?
I guess its not the best one idea, but if one day i will decide to sell all my accounts - how to do that and at what price ?

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

For an account at 100k $15 an hour, $25 for 3 hours, $35 for 6 hours, $55 for 12 hours, $65 for 24 hours.

hours meaning how long the person buying the shout outs post would stay on your page before you remove it.

and for just overnight posts from lets say 12AM-8AM could cost $20

these prices i’ve considered the amount of engagement your getting. People wont want to pay just for the number of followers you have but also how many will see it. If your engagement is low they wont get much feedback on their photo they are paying you to shoutout for their page.

Which lowers the cost.

You can link an email in your bio or a kik like you could add this to your bio

Biz Kik: (Your Kik)
Biz (email Emojii): (YourEmail)

But as far as you selling your network It could be worth a bit, but if your engagement is low, I can guarantee you will be offered less then you think you deserve if the person buying knows anything about Instagram unless you can get a kid who don’t know much about what engagement is and he just looks at the follower count an has a bit of money laying around.

But someone who knows what shit is, they will definitely low ball your price for your accts due to low engagement. Big numbers doesn’t mean shit without the engagement to go with it.

Do you engage with your page fans?
Do you respond to your dms from fans?
Do you like their pictures?
Do you give them engaging content on your pages?

These things are important to note to maximize your engagement with followers and make them think your page is worth engaging with. Fans care about these things. I even go through my pages personally on my posts and like every ones comments and reply back to some of them to show them I don’t just post.but I care about them.

I will be making a tutorial based around this topic shortly tonight when I get off work to help you or others maximize their potential with their pages like I achieve on mine to increase not only their worth but to increase fan engagement.


Question: how many niches are you covering with these 3.8 mil followers?

Suggestion: without knowing your niches, it is hard to suggest something more specific, but check out other accounts in your market and see what they are doing, how are they monetizing… that should give you at least some idea of what to do. Might not be original, but it’s a start, and somewhat proven.

I would not sell the accounts, unless you need money fast.

Maybe try some affiliate + t-shirts? SunFrog has a good program. This way you use proven t-shirt designs, but you are doing it as an affiliate instead of having to create them yourself.

Drop-shipping? Private Labeling? Find a physical product that is good for that market and be the middle man. Collect the money, order from AliExpress and get it straight to the end customer pocketing the difference. I know a guy who does this in the phorography niche and does it quite well. I even think I saw smth like this on the forum here too.

Just some random ideas. If you are willing to be more specific with your niches, I am sure we can give you more / better ideas.

Also, it would be helpful to know how much hands on do you want to be. You want it totally passive income, you want more money but having to spend more time, etc.


This is a well known tactic on most forums from long ago: present what you have with some general questions and at a certain point mention that you could sell it so you can start fishing clients. This goes especially on forums that don’t allow you to do this easily or require payment, but still…

I really do hope this is not what you’re doing here as it would be a shame to waste everyone’s time and also i will have to delete everything including your account… just a friendly comment so you know how to proceed with this… and also for the members, don’t fall prey to stuff like this if this is actually the case…

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You are wrong about me
If my main idea was selling all network - i would create a topic at some bhw forum in selling thread :slight_smile:

Just out of curiosity @Johnny, what’s the catch in those situations?
Fake followers, no such account, getting back the accounts?

How do you facilitate all these requirements if you have a lot of accounts, @whosgotmods?